Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

LED lights use less electricity, which is good for the environment because it means power plants burn less coal, emitting less carbon dioxide and creating less acid rain and global warming.
LED lights allow us to light up more places for the same money, which is bad for the environment because it means fewer pitch-dark places for wildlife and star-gazing, plus the bluish tint of all-night reflected LED light fools our bodies into thinking it’s daytime and messes with our health.
It’s always something with Luddites.

Joe Doakes

I wonder if Whole Foods has reverted to natural wax candles yet?

1 thought on “Lit

  1. Natural wax could be tallow from corn-fed steers. No way, Joe. Or it could be hurting all those poor bees by stealing their home. Just ask PETA.

    One of the interesting things, writing as a parent, about LED lighting is that it’s harder to make the argument about the cost of all the electricity being used.

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