Berg’s Seventh Law Is Immutable And Universal

Berg’s Seventh Law reads “When a Liberal issues a group defamation or assault on conservatives’ ethics, character, humanity or respect for liberty or the truth, they are at best projecting, and at worst drawing attention away from their own misdeeds.”

So when Democrats accused Donald Trump of collusion with the Russians, I naturally assumed…

…that Donald Trump, being “different” than your average politician, might bring us a situation that is that rarest exception to the rule.

Chalk it up to excessive modesty about my own prescience.  There’s a reason they’re called “Berg’s Law” and not “Berg’s Joke”;

And that reason is, with no exceptions, it’s always right.

UPDATE:  Oh, yeah – remember when colluding with Russians to dig up dirt on your presidential opponents was “treason?”

The media hopes you don’t.

7 thoughts on “Berg’s Seventh Law Is Immutable And Universal

  1. Liberals, just keep telling yourself that you vote Democrat because you are smarter, better educated, and better informed than conservatives.

  2. To me the crazy (and very scary) part of this crap is that the FBI continued to pay Fusion, Steele, after the Dems quit paying Oct. ’16.


  3. You think that was crazy? And paying Awan was not? Oh, wait, since MSM is not covering Awan, that never happened.

  4. To me, just as interesting as the source of the funding is that the FBI has the unique tools at their disposal to find out that the Fusion claims were uniformly bullsh**, but signed on to pay for more of the same without as much as pulling the passport records for Michael Cohen.

    Either that, or they did, and they allowed the report to be released anyways. Maybe they need to be renamed the Federal Institution of Bullsh**, FIB. The days of the g-men standing for truth, justice, and the American way seem to be going if not gone altogether, and it seems we have a major investigation agency that may have been subverted to promote nonsense.

  5. When Hillary blamed her loss on Russia colluding with Trump to snatch the election, the story never set well with me. Now I understand why.

    Russia didn’t try to help Trump get elected. Why would they? Hillary was their bought-and-paid-for useful idiot candidate. They would have done what they could to help her win, to protect their investment.

    Russia placed ads to stir up racial tensions because they believed the Democrats line of thinking that a stirred-up populace would help Hillary, as it helped Obama.

    Yes, the Russians did interfere in the election, but not to help Trump, to help Hillary. They didn’t realize, as Hillary and RINOs and Never-Trumpers still haven’t realized, that stirring up racial animosity was the one sure way to unite White people to vote against her.

    Talk about your All Time Own Goals. Jim Marshall must be laughing his rear end off with relief that he’s no longer the prime example.

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