In Other Words, The Status Quo

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Powerline discusses income inequality.  It’s almost entirely caused by White Privilege but not in the way the Left means it.

The newest study says highest income goes to people who stayed in school, stayed out of trouble, got a job and kept it, got married before having kids and stayed married, and have at least two children.   In other words, traditional, conservative, “acting White” behaviors that Leftists call “White Privilege” but we call “normal” or “common sense.”  And those behaviors pay off.

Plainly, this is unfair.  The only solution is to make everyone come out equal:

Prevent studious children from getting better grades than goof-offs by doing away with grades;

Prevent scholars from getting better educations than drop-outs by teaching nothing useful in the schools;

Prevent the law-abiding from having better records than troublemakers by declining to prosecute or by plea bargaining, expunging and eliminating ‘the box’ on employment applications;

Prevent the industrious from having better work records than slackers by making all jobs part-time and temporary, even if it means we must impose exorbitant overhead like Obama-care premiums and $15 minimum wages;

Prevent the burden of dealing with the consequences of sex outside marriage by paying to kill “oops” babies;

Prevent marriage by making it a farce available to every perversion, and punish men who try by making family court a life sentence of penury.

America will only be a Fair society when we all live identical lives and since we can’t elevate everyone to the penthouse, we’ll have to reduce everyone to the trailer park to live solitary, poor, nasty and brutish lives.

We’re well on the way and ordinary Americans know it.

Which might be why Trump’s campaign slogan resonated with so many people.

Joe Doakes

6 thoughts on “In Other Words, The Status Quo

  1. Is it bad that I first read “live solitary, poor, nasty and brutish lives” as live ‘solitary, poor, nasty and BRITISH lives’ ?

  2. It’s not “acting white”. Lot’s of white people don’t do this. They are called PWT.
    Maybe “acting Jewish”? Or “acting Asian” (though, where I live, there are plenty of lazy, shiftless, stupid Asians).

  3. This is just another way to slip soci@lism through a back door. To dumb populace down to the lowest common denominator so they can be easily brainwashed and herded by the elites.

  4. I’d like someone to demonstrate why non-whites are incapable of working a job or getting married before having children, given that this is also the norm in China and India. Scientifically, it would be a howler.

  5. Listen to the interviews of David Stockman on both of Tom Wood’s podcasts. THAT is what is really going on.

  6. In the “Dress For Success” book the author told the story of being asked to do a study and report for a black businessman’s group that they could give to the men they were mentoring. He did the study and sent them the report and called them a couple of days later to see how it was going. The group director mentioned that they had to change which point the author said don’t do anything or go anywhere I be right down!!!. Hung up the phone and booked the next plane. When he got to the businessmen’s office late the same day several of them were waiting for him (One of whom said “I told you he would be here!) He grabbed the report off the desk and quickly read though it. Not seeing any changes he read it again and still didn’t see a change. So he asked them what had changed.
    They told him to look at the cover. The title of his report was..”DRESS WHITE”.
    They had changed it by adding one word…”Dress VERY WHITE”

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