What Could Go Wrong?

EQUIFAX:  You mean, pilling up the personal data of hundreds of millions of people behind a firewall maintained by a sclerotic Fortune 1000 bureaucracy was the worst idea in IT history?

AMAZON:  Hold my beer.

3 thoughts on “What Could Go Wrong?

  1. It would appear that Equifax applies one level of rating criteria to members of the public and a considerably more relaxed level of criteria to itself. Inequitable.

  2. I haven’t keep up with the Libertarians since they were taken over by hedonists — do they still believe that when corporations scrimmage over ever-smaller increases in ROI the result is puppies and rainbows?

  3. Speaking of puppies and rainbows, Equifax person in charge of security is a music major. Yep. Not kidding. Cultural revolution much? History does tend to repeat itself, alas with exact same predictable result.

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