Muted Victory

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The First Amendment does not protect a candidate for public office from errors made in campaign material.

This candidate said the judicial committee “endorsed” her but the Office of Administrative Hearings scrutinized the records and found the committee merely “supported” her.  So that’s a false claim of endorsement and the candidate broke the law.

Granted, this candidate is a nutcase and everybody hates her so it’s fine that she’s being slapped down.  But she’s also a Republican in a Democrat state and that gives me pause.  I wonder how many times the OAH has scrutinized DFL candidates’ materials to search out errors and what lengths it went to making sure the public wasn’t misinformed?

Joe Doakes

Good point. Never underestimate the depth of the double standard.

Of course, it’s the pol in question’s involvement in this particular poo-show that really gets me exercised.

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  1. How would Franken run a campaign without a ton of nonsense (to put it politely) in his campaign materials? Of course they’re ignoring DFL-CCCP candidates’ misdeeds.

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