What Could The Explanation Be?

A friend of this blog, who works in the healthcare industry, emails:

Per this study, stroke death rate began to increase from 2013. Mostly Hispanics and Black Americans. Article concludes that these people are just adopting an unhealthy lifestyle, though I think it is possible that unhealthy lifestyle was around for a longer period of time. Could implementation of Affordable Healthcare Act have played a role? Of course no mention of that in this CDC study.

The odds that suddenly black and Latino stroke rates coincindentally started spiking right after the ACA passed seems…self-indulgent.

2 thoughts on “What Could The Explanation Be?

  1. It’s worth noting that the overall death rate turned upwards as the requirements of the Health Insurance Deform Act went into effect. It is as if having insurance is not the same thing as having healthcare or good health. Gosh, I seem to remember somebody warning us about that prior to March, 2010. Maybe Democrats should have listened.

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