Smarter Than Thou

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

On-line arguments are so frequently worthless that I’ve developed a “first paragraph” rule:  if the first paragraph doesn’t catch my interest, Idon’t read the rest.

This one caught my interest.

Absolutely nails it.  Every problem you ever had with computers since Windows 98 . . . this is why.

Joe Doakes

It caught mine, too.

6 thoughts on “Smarter Than Thou

  1. An engineer who believes that gender is a biological term is an idiot.
    Animals don’t have gender, they have a sex. Words that describe animals (like “bitch” or “dam” or “he” or “she”) may have gender that depends on the biological sex or sexual function of the animal. There is no animal that is biologically female by has male gender. Calling a bitch “he” would make as much sense as calling a cat a dog.
    When I read a screed like Zunger’s, I am always more heartened. These people have little understanding of the nature of Man. Their minds are cramped and lack imagination. They are this generation’s squares.

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