So Much Work To Be Done

So many statues out there – ergo, so much triggering.

As Big Left prowls the country looking for history that “triggers” them and must be destroyed [1], it’s probably worth pitching in and helping findi more history that needs to be expunged.

Exhuming McCarthy:  much has been made of the statue of Lenin in, where else, Seattle:

... Lenin Statue - "Sunday Strip" - Seattle, WA Visit - Mueckenfett

Leftover “art” from some misbegotten WPA project from hell?

No – a labor of “love” in the full Orwellian sense of the term;  from Wikipedia:

Lewis E. Carpenter, an English teacher in Poprad originally from Issaquah, Washington, found the monumental statue lying in a scrapyard ready to be sold for the price of the bronze; Carpenter had met and befriended Venkov while in Czechoslovakia. In close collaboration with a local journalist and good friend, Tomáš Fülöpp, Carpenter approached the city officials with a claim that despite its current unpopularity, the sculpture was still a work of art worth preserving, and he offered to buy it for $13,000.[1] After many bureaucratic hurdles, he finally signed a contract with the mayor on March 16, 1993.[4]

With the help of Venkov, the statue was cut into three pieces and shipped to the United States at a total cost of $40,000.[1] Carpenter financed much of that via mortgaging his home

The architect of a kleptocratic thugocracy that murdered tens of millions of people over seventy years?  I’m #triggered!  Break out the tow cables and the blowtorches!

But we’re not done expunging Communism’s murderous legacy.   The Minnesota State Capitol is crowded with paintings and sculptures of people who were figures in the “Farmer Labor” Party, and the early years of the merger between them and the Democrats to form the “DFL”.

The Farmer-Labor, as well as the DFL it joined, was expressly pro-communist.  The new party inherited the FLP’s support for the USSR and Josef Stalin.   The infant DFL, in other words, supported the party of the Holodomor, of the Gulag, of the Purge.

It’s time to rid our state of this noxious legacy of genocide.  I suggest a painting-burning and smashing.

Politically Incorrect:   Next, it’s time to address statues and other public art that pays omage to a  Christianist preacher who was a very powerful spokesperson against gay marriage – one whose influence among opponents to gay marriage today is too huge to calculate; one who, were he alive today, would be railing against same sex marriage with a fluency and authenticity today’s speakers can only dream about.

That anti-gay bigot?

What did MLK think about gay people?

Martin Luther King!

His failure to support gay marriage – presaging the mass dissent from most black Christian ministers, even today-

MLK memorial dedicated on the National Mall – Summit County Citizens ...

Can this be allowed?

[1] – Thanks for nothing, Confederacy.  Going all-in on the Tenth Amendment, to protect…the right to own other people?    Holy flaming crap on a Harley, couldn’t you have drawn the line at moonshine or gambling or tearing the tags off mattresses when you go all in an one of the Rights of Man?

13 thoughts on “So Much Work To Be Done

  1. Have you ever seen that big statue of Hitler in Berlin, the one dedicated to the bravery and pride of the young German soldiers who “fought courageously for their traditions and what they believed in”?

    Oh, you haven’t seen that. Because it doesn’t exist. Theres a reason for that.

  2. And there are reasons that there aren’t very many statues of Lenin still standing in Ukraine, just about as many as there are reasons that you won’t find many statues of Hitler in central Europe or anywhere else.

    Tell me, Emery, why the f*** is it still respectable to fly the flag of a movement that killed ten times as many innocents as did Hitler? Why?

  3. Those who cannot remember the past are . . . Liberals. They erased it. It was offensive. It wasn’t relevant. When they’re done scrubbing, the textbooks will insist nothing bad thing never happened in the past – how could it, there is no past – so therefore nothing bad will happen in the future.

    The pinnacle of morality is amnesia.

  4. How many people did McCarthy murder? How many gulags did he open? How many peace treaties did he sign with the Nazis?
    Equating confederates to Nazis is just plain stupid, Emery. The confederates were not fighting a race war. The confederates were not totalitarians. Neo-nazis are stupid for thinking they have some political relationship with the confederates.

  5. After the death of Hindenburg, Stalin-backed German communists were the only alternative to Hitler. Would that have been better or worse for the world?
    In today’s struggle between white nationalists and the antifa’s, neither side can be described as freedom fighters. Choose your side, Left or Right, they are both totalitarian.

  6. I don’t think that equating “neo-confederates” to Nazis is that bad–they were, after all, flying both flags a few days back. Not that Robert. E. Lee would have approved, of course. My difficulty with the coverage is simply that the MSM are blithely looking past the very real atrocities of Communism and acting as if the hammer and sickle is any less offensive than the swastika. Sorry, it ain’t.

  7. My difficulty with the coverage is simply that the MSM are blithely looking past the very real atrocities of Communism and acting as if the hammer and sickle is any less offensive than the swastika.
    Imagine how differently the news coverage would have been if an antifa protester had driven a car in the white nationalists and killed one of them.
    Say, wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that a deranged, pro-Bernie Dem attempted to assassinate multiple GOP reps? Have we forgotten about that already? Emery has.

  8. When will they tear down the Mary Tyler Moore statue? I’m sure that there’s something to hate about that.

    Paul Bunyon has statues in Oregon, Maine, California, and Connecticut, in addition to the ones in Minnesota. He was a white male that killed all those trees and forced service from Babe the Blue Ox – who apparently identified as a transgender polysexual. Tear down these misogynistic idols!

  9. I’m going to be really pissed when someone dreams up a reason to tear down the Peanut’s Character statues around the state!

  10. Peanut allergies! And everybody but Franklin is caucasian! And there are no…..

    Oh, never mind.

  11. Is Robert Bird’s name still on buildings, streets and bridges? Just checking.

  12. Have you ever seen that big statue of Hitler in Berlin

    So not content with his total and absolute p0wnage in the Charlottesville thread, eTASS decides to bring his crazy here. As much as eTASS appears to distance himself from neo-Nazis, his adherence to the Goebbels rules of propaganda definitely suggest otherwise. Why else would he keep repeating all the lies? Time and time again?

  13. As I saw on Twitter yesterday, “The black illegitimacy rate in the inner cities is close to 80%, but clearly the problem is Confederate statues thousands of miles away.”

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