The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus has responded to “Protect” MN’s slanderous Facebook post yesterday:

On Wednesday August 9th, local gun control activist group Protect Minnesota published a statement on their Facebook page implying that the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus has information on the attack at the Dar Al Farooq Mosque, and was withholding that information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“We are outraged by these libelous, defamatory, and false accusations made by Protect Minnesota, “ said Bryan Strawser, Chair, Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus. “Our organization is committed to the defense of civil rights. This statement and its implications are baseless and offensive. Needless to say, we have no information on this tragic attack.”

“It’s truly unfortunate that at a time when we should be pulling together as a community to condemn terror, Protect Minnesota has chosen to engage in accusations that have no basis in fact and will only serve to distract investigators from swiftly bringing the perpetrator of this heinous act to justice.”

“Sadly, this approach has become the norm under their current leadership, “ added Rob Doar, Vice President & Political Director. “We always welcome thoughtful conversation on policy issues with any organization. Engaging in false accusations and misinformation following an incident of this magnitude is abhorrent. I sincerely hope that Protect Minnesota will cease this behavior and elevate their level of discourse.”

“We demand an immediate public retraction of these false assertions,” added Strawser.

Doar’s aside about “current leadership” is important:  while Heather Martens was a doddering incompetent, Nancy Nord Bence is a smug, passive-aggressive, entitled incompetent.

UPDATE:  No apology, naturally – but they’re trying to stuff their slander down the memory hole:

Well, aren’t they just a bunch  of profiles in courage?

They know their audience is neither curious nor critical enough to bother with the details.  But Nancy Nord Bence’s oompa-loompas are getting lazier and more reckless as they move out toward the extreme.  It’s eventually gonna cost ’em.

It’s already cost them their credibility.

7 thoughts on “Blowback

  1. Protect Minnesota updated the Facebook post but doesn’t have the courage to state why it needed revising. Cowards.

  2. Someone needs to have that screenshot blown up and ready for use next time these scumbags show up to the Capital.

  3. Protect Minnesota updated the Facebook post but doesn’t have the courage to state why it needed revising. Cowards.

    @reader15: A brief perusal of their site didn’t turn up the words “honest” and “conversation” together, so unfortunately, we can’t technically call them liars as well.

    Anybody else notice that the Facebook post has comments, but you can’t see what they were? What are the odds that folks armed with inconvenient facts were calling ProtectMN out for slander in those comments? What is ProtectMN afraid of? Are words as dangerous as bullets to them?

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  5. ProtectMN is at it again, claiming on their Facebook page that Wal-Mart was promoting gun sales for “back-to-school”. A quick examination of the Wapo article they linked to included the key sentence: “It was not clear whether the sign was placed there by an employee or shopper.”

  6. I’m curious. Is Nancy liar still a practicing Lutheran minister? If so, I would think that, even though the ELCA is just an extension of the DFL party, they may not be too keen on her ethics violations and for “bearing false witness”. Unless they have abandoned the Ten Commandments as guiding principles, that is.

  7. Boss; the proper answer to your question is “do you shave the corners of your beard?” No kidding; when those of a particular atheological bent (liberal theology more properly) get challenged on this kind of thing, that is the response. A guy out of Illinois has actually written scholarly papers with that kind of exegesis. (Scot McKnight)

    In other words, you probably won’t get far with an appeal to Exodus 20.

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