Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:


Texas woman shoots dead an armed home invader.  A private citizen using a pistol for self-defense?  That’s gonna mess up Penigma’s narrative, right there.

I think it was more Dog Gone’s narrative, although they shared some elements.

At any rate – Ms. Gone’s narrative has been moot for quite some time. here in MN and elsewhere.   She’s not here to defend herself – but that’s her fault.

No mention of a medal.  Surely some group should give her a medal?

“We, the members of the Podunk Booster Club, honor Mrs. Dorothy Smith for her courageous actions defending her home and her neighborhood, awarding her this Marksman Medal, a check for $357 which is her favorite caliber, and we invite her to ride in our car in the next parade.”

With a photo in the newspaper of her wearing the medal holding the enormous cardboard check, that could be a great PR move in certain areas of the state.

Joe Doakes

I like it.

3 thoughts on “Represent!

  1. I’m guessing that a lot of people who’ve had the bad luck to have actually used a gun in self-defense might not want to be the featured person in a parade, simply because it makes them a target for the entire criminal community. This is especially the case here, where (a) the drug trade could be involved and (b) one of the perps was still at large when the article was written.

    Side note; wearing pants with red underwear showing has got to be one of the lamest perp descriptions I’ve ever seen. What about height, weight, build, skin color….? I know, it’s “racist” to use characteristics that can be ascertained at a glance to find criminals, but it just might work pretty well.

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