Maybe If He Were Latino And Transgender?

Baker refuses to bake a Trump-themed cake for a 9 year old boy.

The Post reported that, when Dylan [Harbin, a 9 year old California boy] asked for a “Donald Trump cake” for his birthday, his mother “made him one herself, because she couldn’t find a bakery willing and able to do it.”

Michael P. Farris is president, CEO and general counsel of the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Christian legal group defending Jack Phillips, a Colorado baker who was sued by a gay couple for declining to make their same-sex wedding cake.

Mr. Farris wondered why bakers are allowed to decline to make birthday cakes supporting Mr. Trump, but not wedding cakes supporting same-sex marriage.

The answer, of course, is “public accomodation laws”, which address the surface symptom of bigotry to requiring “public accommodations” – stores – to serve everyone.   A laudable enough goal – which has had the same effect on bigotry as gun control has had on violence,and for the same reason – but they pretty much trash the idea of “Free Association”.  Or worse, really – they determine who can and can not associate freely by social group.

And 9 year old white boys aren’t one of the “favored” groups.

2 thoughts on “Maybe If He Were Latino And Transgender?

  1. If I was a baker, and a couple of homos cruised in for a gay wedding dress up day cake, I’d bake them a cake.

    Oh, yes…I’d bake them a cake.

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