It’s Everwhere

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Obviously, I have White Privilege, which is hateful and shameful at the same time.

Now it appears I also have Cognitive Privilege, which is just like White Privilege, only moreso.

Next up – Tall Privilege, which unfairly excludes me from the lucrative NBA contract that I so richly deserve.

Joe Doakes

It’s time to check whatever privilege that keeps me and Jemma Arterton apart.

4 thoughts on “It’s Everwhere

  1. Those who speak of cognitive privilege need to revisit Walter Williams’ point that a married couple earning minimum wage for 40 hours per week with two children are not in poverty. There are certainly blessings to intelligence, but it’s simply false to assume that all roads to prosperity are cut off if one does not qualify for Mensa.

  2. But the road is narrower these days, bikebubba.
    In the mid nineteen-seventies, my parents owned a home in a Minneapolis suburb with a two car garage. They had two newer cars, a boat, and small lake cabin forty-five minutes drive from the Twin Cities. My Dad was a plumber (union) and my mother worked part time at an office. I suppose together they made between $30k and $40K a year. They carried no debt but the mortgage on the house, and that was, IIRC, $63/month.
    What kind of income would you need to afford that lifestyle today? Could two high school graduate adults earn that income in 2017?

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