Foreman Said “These Jobs Are Going, Boys, And They Ain’t Coming Back…”

Coopers Super Valu, the longtime West Seventh / Highland Park anchor, is closing.

And while the city’s establishment will do its darnedest to suppress any mention of it, city “social justice” policy is at least in part the culprit:

“Sales here have been shrinking,” said Cooper, who noted that difficult union negotiations, record-keeping related to the city’s new sick-leave mandate, the decline in strip mall tenancies and the store’s pension liabilities were of no help.

Strip malls come and go – and Sibley Plaza seems to be on the “..and go” side of the equation – but as the city pours money into Lowertown and upper West Seventh, it’s orgy of regulations is  causing problems in parts of town where prosperity is a little more strained.

5 thoughts on “Foreman Said “These Jobs Are Going, Boys, And They Ain’t Coming Back…”

  1. Trivia question: the jobs in which industry were saved and economic ruin avoided, by the unions representing the employees?

  2. And the New Utopian Urbanists think that the Riverview Corridor street car project will save West 7th. Well, that project is at least ten years out, that is, if it actually happens.

  3. difficult union negotiations

    Right on cue, UAW is mad as hell Nissan overwhelmingly rejected to become tools of the proletariat.

  4. Before we had to scratch up the cash to put the kids in private school, we used to live in Highland near that place. I remember when there was a strip club down there. Beer; Boobies and no Sammies.

    Good times.

  5. AGS;

    Yea, I remember that corner on the south side of 7th was pretty sleazy.

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