Frontiers Of Knowledge

What makes for a good swear wiord?

(Language NSFW)

(From a very large series of videos about German and American language and culture).

5 thoughts on “Frontiers Of Knowledge

  1. If you want to swear well, choose a language that doesn’t conjugate verbs or decline nouns, evidently. :^)

  2. That poor girl. Deformed like that. At least 3 standard deviations away from the female mean….

  3. I watched this Youtube series that had Irish millennials making fun of American food (Except barbecue. They loved barbecue. One Irish chick said she wanted to bathe in it.) Then I realized: the Irish are not famed as gourmands. What is on the plate in an ordinary Irishman’s lunch?
    You ever hear of a “crisp sandwich”?
    Take a hamburger bun. Split it. Spread margerine liberally on the two halves. Fill it with potato chips. Enjoy!
    Makes me sick just to think of it. It’s like “Oh, you stupid yank, what do you think of Irishman, that we sit around eating potatoes all day? You’re a bigot, you are! Here, have a crisp sandwich!”

  4. An Irish friend of my family’s–a millenial–who got on the bad side of his college roommates by repeatedly making stews with offal. He was used to it and loved it, although of course it smelled offal.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Except, of course, I’m not sorry at all. :^)

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