When I Think Back On All The Crap…

Joe Doeakes from Como Park emails:

A Wisconsin legislator wants schools to offer an elective class on safety.  Liberals are losing their minds.

Schools already offer classes in how to safely have sex, take drugs, drink alcohol, interact with Strangers.  This bill expands the list to firearms.  What’s the problem?

I cannot recall the last time I attempted to extract a cube root or diagram a sentence, but I cooked my own breakfast and drove to work this morning.  Life skills are the subjects every kid must learn to survive in America today and that includes how to safely interact with the 300 million firearms in this country, but who’s teaching them if not the schools?  Parents?  Liberals insist they’re not competent to teach anything else so why would we let them handle the truly dangerous subject?

Odd how education is offensive and shouldn’t be funded when it’s a conservative item.  Liberals would be happy to fund the condom to put over the end of the barrel, they have no qualms about funding forced indoctrination into gender weirdness, but understanding how a firearm works and being taught to always treat it as dangerous is a bad thing.

I guess Liberals prefer to have the kids learn on the streets or in back-alley shops that use clothes hangers for cleaning rods.

Joe Doakes

What – “gun safety groups” objecting to gun safety classes?

Why, it’s almost like every word that escapes their clenched throats is a lie or something.

5 thoughts on “When I Think Back On All The Crap…

  1. WHAT?


    They don’t have gun safety classes now? Good lord, I took a gun safety class at Ramsey Jr High in the 60’s. If I am not mistaken, it was a mandatory requirement to get a youth hunting license back then.

    I also remember catching the 21A (Selby-Lake\) bus in the morning while carrying my shotgun in a cloth case then transferring downtown to the Stillwater line to go hunting in what was then the country. Later in the day, I stood by the side of the highway with my shotgun, flagged down the bus and rode it home, again transferring downtown.

    No one blinked at the sight of a kid with a shotgun. The most common comment was, “did you get anything?”


  2. Greg,

    As I have posted before, in 1968, I also took firearms safety training in a Bloomington public schools class room. It was held on Saturdays for three weeks and was taught by a Phys Ed teacher and swimming coach. Each week, he brought in someone from the DNR, and both a Bloomington police officer and FBI firearms instructors, so that we got three different perspectives. The final class culminated with a ride on a school bus, with our guns (unloaded and in cases) with our shells under the control of the teacher, to the Richfield – Bloomington Sportmen’s Club for a round of trap shooting. We then received our certificate and jacket patch indicating that we were “Minnesota Certified Firearms Safety” trained.

    Like you, I can’t believe that it’s such a problem, especially in states that rely on hunting as a source of revenue.

  3. They teach sex ed in the schools, ostensibly to keep students safe, because just telling them “don’t do it!” isn’t enough to overcome their curiosity or desire.

    “Abstinence-only” gun safety still seems to be the default, though, for government schools.

  4. bosshoss429,

    Thanks, 🙂

    That was just the way it was back then – but I must add. My gun safety class at Ramsey Jr. High was held during school hours and part of the curriculum (though an elective subject).

  5. I’m torn on teaching gun safety in the schools. Not because teaching it would be a bad thing, but because so many schools would make a hash of it in the same way they’ve done with sex ed. Quote from someone reading about kids rolling condoms on cucumbers; “ouch”.

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