I’ve been seeing it all over the place; “Progressives” objecting to President Trump’s new policy on transgender servicepeople by claiming that there is a veritable swarm of transgender servicepeople.  One study that ban opponents are bruiting about, from UCLA (or, rather, from a GLBT group whose data a UCLA GLBT-law focus group accepted – claims that there are as  many as 15,500 transgendered people in the armed forces today.

Let’s think about that for a moment.  15,000 people out of 2.2 million – the number of currently-serving people in the military – comes out to roughly 7/10 of a percent, or 7 out of every 1,000 – roughly one out of every 140- people.

That means in every Army and Marine rifle company, there’s a transgendered, er, rifleperson.

In every flying squadron in the Air Force, Navy and Marines, that’s a couple of transgender people.

That’s 3-4 on every SEAL team, 2-3 in every Ranger battalion, and 12-15 in every US Special Forces (“Green Beret”) group.

That’s one on every submarine, and one or two on every Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, and 35 on every aircraft carrier.

That’s about 160 at the Pentagon – and right around 1,500 at Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell, Fort Hood and Fort Lewis – each.

It’s a rate of transgender dysphoria that means that there are fully a quarter as many transgender people as there are gays.

I dunno.  It seems like…an overestimate.

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  1. “I dunno. It seems like…an overestimate.”
    None of these numbers is intended to convey the truth. They are intended to exercise power over others, especially the power to make them conform to that with which they do not wish to conform (like believing women can have penises and men can become pregnant). To the Left, the world is made of power, not truth.

  2. I would agree with Night Writer in that they likely tend to go towards non combat arms positions. Which would mean that there are whole lot less in the infantry, SF, NSWG, and Ranger batts. A whole lot more in the supply, intel, transportation, etc.

    But, I also understand that this is intended more to show how shoddy the science is.

  3. It’s not science. There is no real world, physical thing called sexual orientation that comes from nature. Sexual orientation is much a Creation of the mind as “happiness” or “worry”.

  4. What NW said. Stop paying for sex changes and you will reduce the number of trannies hundredfold, if not a thousand.

  5. Take the money for tuck and roll jobs and apply it to psychiatric help. Actually do something useful.

  6. It strikes me that if you want to solve a LOT of problems in the military, a great first step would be to have one set of physical standards for both men and women. If it’s important to be able to do ten pull-ups to be able to clear a burning tank or other vehicle, it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, or whether you’re 18 or 45.

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