5 thoughts on “Plugging Away

  1. The comments are also interesting – apparently it’s scandalous to even talk about the GOP in MinnPost these days…

  2. I might add to First Ringer’s take that Minneapolis DemonRATs are pretty full of themselves, especially Mr. GloBULL Warming, Jim Hughes.

  3. They enjoy pulling the wings off flies. I can picture the smug comments…

    “They will never get elected until they adopt common sense agenda that embraces abortion, gays and throws open the borders to the immigrant love train.”

    “They are on the wrong side of history.”


  4. so close swiftee – what they actually said was:

    “realism” – Submitted by Jim Hughes on July 21, 2017 – 2:48pm.

    Republicans should quit wasting their time fantasizing about winning elections in big cities, and start doing 2 things right now.
    1. Try to cut their party loose from Donald Trump.
    2. Start talking sense about global warming, evolution, vaccination, and other scientific issues.
    I don’t agree with the Democrats on everything. But until those 2 things happen, there’s no possibility I’d vote for a Republican, at any level of government”

    its almost like you’re in their head

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