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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails;

There are two kinds of proof: prima facie and conclusive.  Prima facie means “on its face” which allows the possibility it could be rebutted.  Conclusive is final – there can be no rebuttal, it is proof beyond doubt.

Her complaint described in this article is conclusive evidence that Jerroll Sanders is an idiot.

Wherever women wear tights – at yoga, at work, in the mall – men look at their bottoms.  We can’t openly stare because that’s impolite and will get us smacked by our wives.  But we peek. It’s natural, automatic, and inevitable.

The message printed on the waitress’ bottom does not draw the peek, we were going to peek anyway, it simply takes advantage of the pre-existing condition to slip in some marketing.  It’s the same logic behind putting a logo on a NASCAR racer – we were already looking at it before you put your logo on it.

Joe Doakes

The world is coming to an end.

10 thoughts on “Marketing Genius

  1. Typical unhinged libturd with no sense of humor pining of the good ‘ole days of the dark ages. That, or Sharia.

  2. My favorite example of writing on a girl’s tuckus was a set of sweats saying “true love waits”. Talk about mixed messages!

    Agreed with Joe, though. The big deal here is that the ladies are in stretch pants. Sanders also misses the point that the “Bucharest Grill” would be trying to bring back pictures of Bucharest, Romania, which is emphatically not Middle Eastern or Muslim. Great cultural awareness, Jerrol!

  3. “I doubt the owner, whom I believe is Middle Eastern, would ask his daughter to wear such garb.

    Sanders’ geographical illiteracy aside, I can’t help give her the eye-roll with the appeal to emotion.

    I think the statement from Bucharest Grill is right: Sanders is trying to drum up business for her book.


    Since Sanders is assigning multiple backsides to one poor “girl” (I thought we called them “women” to empower them?), I’m hoping she’s got somebody to proofread her literary work.

  4. Sauk read my mind.

    I love yoga pants, and will unabashedly check for signs of The Toe. Women of all ages oblige me in airports and I’m very thankful. I dont try and hide it, and if challenged will cheerfully acknowledge my quest.

    If you are going to put yourself on display, I’m your Huckleberry.

    However, parents that let their 13 year old daughters cruise around in yoga pants need a visit from CSS.

  5. To clarify the connection….a “juicy” yoga pant on a 200 lb black woman (the only ones wearing them) makes baby Swiftee cry.

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