Lest I Forget

When you run a blog for a long time – and I’m pushing 16 years, here – you wind up with some regulars.  LIke most blogs, I have some commenters who’ve been here a very long time.  My blog authoring tool doesn’t record when people launched their accounts, but it does count the number of comments left.  I’ve got commenters who’ve left hundreds, thousands, and even some with over 10,000 comments.

And that’s great!

But we’ve had a couple of people pop up with their first comment today.

Welcome!  Hope  you stick around!

9 thoughts on “Lest I Forget

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  2. I have a love/hate relationship with such data. I’d love to know the number of comments, but I’d hate to admit how much time I’ve spent making them. Probably better not to know…

  3. Mitch God Love YA!!, I comment way less than I read others that post. Humbly many are way more articulate than I. I like to comment when I might have something of some value to contribute. STID is a major cool place to enjoy and that’s wonderful!! My opinion is welcome all (minus the trolls), what a forum!

  4. Mitch: been around since 2003, lurking anyway. Can’t remember when my first post was, but you and Insty are still my daily reads.

  5. I’ve been commenting since ’05; like nerd I’m almost afraid to see my total number of comments. I’m thinking my wife and children might consider it proof of abandonment.

    It was a pleasure, however, to meet up with Just Plain Angry the other other day at the Ronald Reagan statue in Budapest!

  6. Night says:

    like nerd I’m almost afraid to see my total number of comments

    I won’t give out numbers (unless asked), but it’s kind of funny; you and Nerd are actually eight total comments apart.

  7. Kinlaw,

    Your first comment was in 2012 – which is some serious lurking!


  8. If Mitch hadn’t banished him to his heap of rotting garbage, feces and #deadcats, I’m sure Professor Kreapy would be the SITD comment king. He was up to >40,000 tweets when I checked out of Twitter a couple of years ago.

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