Live By Bureaucracy, Die By Bureaucracy

Whenever you think the bureaucracy in the city of Minneapolis, or Minnesota state government in general,  is addled and hidebound, just take a look at India, and see what the future holds.

It’s bad enough when it comes to importing things or retaining Indian labor.

When it comes to “Justice”, forget about it.

Six British ex-military men employed by an American company on anti-piracy duties were arrested by the Indian Coast Guard 3½ years ago – and charged with weapons possession (for the firearms they used to, y’know, guard ships from pirates).  They’ve been rotting in an Indian prison ever since.

An international move is going on to try to get some justice for these guys.

3 thoughts on “Live By Bureaucracy, Die By Bureaucracy

  1. I say that we petition Trump to add India to the travel ban. That would torpedo the Supreme Court’s main lie, I mean objection.

  2. You would figure a nation that had seen close to 200 victims of an Islamic terrorist attack in Mumbai not that long ago would be more sympathetic to the need to defend ships from the same, but apparently not.

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