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  1. The sad part about those articles is the rote recitation of facts without context.

    “. . . with boys, teenagers and blacks most at risk . . . The yearly toll is nearly 1,300 deaths and almost 6,000 nonfatal gunshot wounds — most of them intentional.” Most of the people who are intentionally shot are young Black men. I suspect that is a cultural problem, not a tool problem.

    “Homicides fell from 2007-14, from 1,038 to 699, the rate dropping by 36 percent to less than 1 per 100,000.” The problem is Not getting worse, it’s getting better.

    “Suicides increased from 2007-14, from 325 to 532 . . . One-third of these kids were depressed and most had experienced a recent crisis, including relationship breakups and problems at school.” Mental health care reform is needed.

  2. Mental health care reform is needed.

    How about: Parenting and getting rid of PC screwls reform is needed?

  3. “Gimmee your drugs!”
    “No, you gimmee your drugs!”

    “Two children were killed in a hand gun related incident today. Tragically, the pair of young gun-violence victims were said to have known each other and had attended the same school . . .”

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