Brand New Bag Ban

A friend of mine wrote this on social media earlier this week, in re the City of Minneapolis’ proposed plasstic bag ban.

I know this is asking a lot, but I would like environmental activists to think more than one step in front of their faces. Case in point: The City of Minneapolis wants to ban the use of plastic bags in grocery stores (fortunately, the state legislature ended that, but please keep reading). Consumers would have to pay to take their groceries home in a plastic bag. At the same time, a Minneapolis sanitation ordinance says pet waste must be double bagged — in plastic!

So, we’ve taken in 2 cats who needed a loving home. And when we scoop their poop, we’re supposed to put it in a plastic bag that goes into another plastic bag before it goes into the garbage for collection by the city. But instead of re-using the plastic bags we get for free (just by virtue of buying groceries), we’re supposed to pay for the manufacture of “designated” plastic bags for pet waste? The sheer number of people who walk their dogs in the neighborhoods and city parks who are “required by city Ordinance” to pick up and dispose of their pet waste in plastic bags” is staggering.

Are you freaking kidding me??? Are you pet/environmentally friendly or not? And if you think pets are good for low-income and elderly residents who benefit from the companionship, you are penalizing them for the benefit you champion. Look past your nose!!!

We’re lucky enough that the City Limit is less than 5 minutes by car from our house. We can drive outside of Minneapolis to a suburb to shop where we are not penalized for using plastic bags.

The people further inside the city, without vehicles, are the ones being harmed by this environmental activist masturbation.

What’s that old definition of totalitarian?  Everything that isn’t mandatory is banned?

PS: She also notes that while walking around one of Minneapolis’ lakes, they noticed a lot of garbage lying about.   I know – Minneapolis has Socialist trash collection, how can that be, right?   And so they took time out from their walking to bring gloves and (presumably) plastic, legal bags for picking it up.

Might need a lawyer to do that in Minneapolis, these days.

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  1. She also notes that while walking around one of Minneapolis’ lakes, they noticed a lot of garbage lying about.

    Back when I had a second home on Emerson Ave. S., I used to watch baby mamas stroll down the street like queens, progeny in tow, casually tossing aside Taki bags, Pepsi bottles, skittles bags & etc. as they emptied them.

    Minutes later, one might see a group of 9-16 year old Stillwater Correctional Center hopefuls doing the exact same thing. Anytime after 3:00 pm (breakfast time) to 5:00 am (rocks all smoked), cars would drive by, Popeyes bags and beer cans flying out the windows.

    Defiling the hood is a lifelong learning process.

  2. I think the only day it is acceptable for a non union trash collector to pick up trash in Minneapolis is on Earth Day. And even then, it’s usually from private property. This year I was drinking coffee and watching people pick up trash around neighboring businesses. When asked why I didn’t participate, I asked how much trash was around my place. There was none – if everyone just cleaned up after themselves, life would be so much better. I saw a glint of understanding in the eye of my questioner. Hopefully, it opens that young mans eyes and he hasn’t fully bought into the cult yet.

  3. We have a bag-ban in my state. It’s not as bad as it sounds, once the retailers figure it out. They charge a nickel for each earth-destroying paper bag you ask for. It’s chicken feed.
    But virtue-signaling knows no end. Next is a styrofoam container ban. This primarily effects the mom-and-pop take out restaurants the locals & poor working folks frequent.
    A greenie, a part-time resident of Hawaii, recently published an op-ed in our local paper mocking island politicians’ attempts to reduce global warming: he pointed out that Hawaii is and will always be a huge contributor to global warming on a per capita basis. Our power plants burn oil and the economy depends on flying people thousands of miles for non-essential purposes. The greenest thing you can do is not go to Hawaii for a vacation.

  4. I was downtown last weekend, and it was striking how many homeless, and how much trash was there. Not North, not Nordeast, downtown. Right around City Hall. I think they’ve got some bigger fish to fry, as Swiftee notes.

    And personally, as the dad of six children and owner of four dogs, I find that the plastic bags about balance out. More people should do so.

  5. Place a burning paper bag of pet feces on the door step of all the city council members homes, that’ll send a message.

  6. Scott,

    Put it on the front step and ring the doorbell. Wait to see how many of them will stomp on the bag to put the fire out. If they do, go to the back door and ring that bell.😄

  7. I’ve often worried what I’d do if there were a plastic bag ban. How would I scoop up the pet waste? What would I use for garbage? My husband assure me that I have plenty of bags in reserve for the next many years. But, the plastic bag ban itself is dumb for a number of reasons. So paper bags are ok? Decades ago, plastic was considered better than killing trees for bags. So cloth bags are ok? What with people who aren’t getting vaccinated and other new diseases that come into our country from travelers and immigrants, now we are going to also worry about whether the shopper next to us has a clean cloth bag when they’re bagging their groceries.

    There are stores that already charge for bags or don’t use bags- Costco, Aldi’s are a couple. Anyone is able to support those if they want. If it’s a real issue, or if it makes a difference economically- either through the cost of providing free bags or through loss of customers- other stores will follow. And thanks to the MN legislature individual businesses still have that right to provide bags or not.

  8. My response to the entire post: Why the hell are you still living in Minneapolis?

    I understand that it may be financially impossible for someone to move, but for those who have the means and are political opposites of what Minneapolis prefers (I’m looking DIRECTLY at you, Tracy Eberly), I can’t understand why you willingly subject yourselves to living under that regime and in that society.

  9. Boss my friend I’m laughing my butt off, I knew you’d be one to get the humor!!

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