Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Garrison Keillor wrote a column for the Washington Post about taking down historical monuments to “declutter” the nation.

History has nothing to teach us.

Everything in the past was done wrong.

We are the smartest, funniest people who ever lived.

Joe Doakes

Keillor’s got a way of talking…about himself.

4 thoughts on “Apex

  1. I was heartened to read yesterday, that the historical Civil War monuments that are being taken down by America hating, history rewriting, repribate leftist city councils are being re-erected in cities that have Real Americans in charge.

    If there are any left over, I plan to submit a request for a R.E. Lee monument for the entrance to my compound.

  2. Or maybe we can declutter more by removing things that honor corrupt presidents like Barack Hussein Blagojevich Khalidi Jackson Ayers Daley Wright Pfleger Obama. Of course, a lot of the elementary schools named after him are already being closed because their competence mirrors their namesake’s….(“you mean we have to teach these kids to READ? No way!”)

    Nah, history, warts and all. Can you imagine what you’d have to do to a typical European city to remove the warts? It would look as if Islamist radicals had gone through and chopped apart half the buildings with an industrial meat cleaver.

    Come to think of it, sometimes it seems as if that’s happening, too. Sigh.

  3. I’ve listened to Keilor for years and read some of his books.
    He has, I believe, a mean streak. Like Bill Clinton, if you liked him, you are the best person in the world. If you don’t like him, he hates you.

  4. Personally, I’m convinced the Civil War was about slavery, butI’m not sure this a justification for this stuff for a bunch of reasons.

    OTOH, the Confederate Battle Flag was used as an official symbol of government race policy in the South and IMO, it’s pretty understandable if people are pissed off about it’s use.

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