Dreamsicle Day Humor

On national Dreamsicle  day,”Protect” Minnesota proved they have a sense of humor.

That’s Betsy Hodges, mayor of Minneapolis – a city with a murder rate 4-5 times that of the rest of Minnesota, and getting worse fast. A city who’s crime rate stands out as a national disgrace.

And she’s lecturing the rest of us – the people who live in the parts of the state with extremely low crime, where perhaps a majority of adults own firearms – about “gun safety” and – Seinfeld’s writers couldn’t have made this up – preventing violence.

Who said they were a bunch of humorless dullards?

Bravo, “Protect” Minnesota!

2 thoughts on “Dreamsicle Day Humor

  1. Oh it’s simple. We might have to lay off government employees if there are less criminals; that would be a tragedy for the government unions. Worse yet, if there is less crime, you might pay more attention to how we are helping ourselves to the public weal.

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