The Religion Of Environmentalism And Health Insurance (UPDATE: Ooops)

The fact that Ben Carson got mocked in the media, while Maxine Waters isn’t considered a national laughinstock, will be prime evidence when we finally have Nuremberg-style tribunals about media bias:

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And yet she’s taken seriously.

UPDATE:  Ooops.  Parody account.

I plead “long day at Grand Old Day”.

To be fair, the measure of great satire is that it could be the real thing…

7 thoughts on “The Religion Of Environmentalism And Health Insurance (UPDATE: Ooops)

  1. Part of me would like to see her make a flowchart showing how the one causes the other. Just to see how that conclusion was reached.

  2. It’s an SNL bit, right? No one is that stupid. Well, almost no one.

  3. It is well within her capabilities to do something like this, but I think this is a parody account. Note the double-V to form the W.

    There’s an even chance, at least, that she’s blasting her staff right now about these damned leaks, though.

  4. Definitely a parody account. Rep. Waters official Twitter has a blue check mark to indicate the “verified account.”

  5. Some call it a parody account, but Maxine knows it as a trial-balloon account.

  6. Don’t worry Mitch. She probably does believe it. I have read serious claims that the Syrian Civil War was caused by climate change. And all this time the movie Syriana had me believing that it was due to American oil companies being mean to the poor Muslims.

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