Their Finest Hour

The people of London are a lot more courageous than their city’s government.

Stories are filtering out of London about people resisting their attackers during Saturday night’s terrorist attacks around London.

This from John Holbrooke, a Brit lawyer who’s been covering not only terror, but the way the Brit poltical establishment has been bending over backwards to not, y’know, call it anything of the sort.

And at least we – the people who think Western Civilization, not to mention innocent human life – is with defending have something to be  proud of today.

Good thing the people of London are disarmed, and have to resort to pint glasses (the waste of Brit beer alone is inhumane) and chairs to protect their lives.

Of course, that’s why the attacks aren’t happening in Dallas or Memphis or Bismarck or Jacksonville.

7 thoughts on “Their Finest Hour

  1. The obvious response should be to ban vehicles and knives in London, so they can’t be used by terrorists.

    It’s disturbing that mere possession of a chair, beer bottle or pint glass can turn innocent civilians into ravening berserkers attacking people solely an account of their expression of religious faith. Perhaps Parliament should look into licensing these potentially deadly objects?

  2. They don’t happen in the U.S. because most Americans are drinking p***water? :^)

    Seriously, most places in the U.S. don’t allow a man to carry while drinking, thankfully, but point well taken if you want to mention the bouncers and such.

  3. “As the attacker raised his knofe to strike a young lady, one bloke drew his permitted .45 and shot the attacker 3 times, center mass, which quite naturally ended the attack.”

    …Said no Englishman since the British disarmed their citizens.

  4. I, for one, would like to know what bloody hell it matters what is printed on a victim’s t-shirt?! I’m sure that the tolerant libidiots will proclaim that this wasn’t an act of terror. Rather, it was a rivalry between two soccer fans gone wrong.

  5. The Battle of Britain II is just starting. With the destruction of ISIS strongholds in Syria/Iraq there will be boatloads of returning jihadis. Too bad the UK will feel obliged to let them back in where they will create mayhem at home.

  6. Unfortunately the invasion was successful this time. The battle is going to be much longer and much much worse.

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