Focusing On The Big Picture

Joe Doakes from Como Pak emails:

My office staff person is a millennial who cares about saving the planet.  She doesn’t use K-cups because plastic – ugh.  She insists we must go paperless to save the trees.  So she converted a bunch of paper files to electronic which freed up space in the filing cabinet and exceeded our recycling goal.  Then she set about reorganizing the electronic folders to be more efficient, deleting the ones we don’t need anymore.

Including the one she just created, with all my converted papers.  Deleted.

I.T. won’t guarantee they can recover the data, something about retention cycles, they’ll get back to us.  The data might be gone for good.  She’s crying because she feels awful.  I’m about to start crying because I remember what a gigantic pain in the neck the project was.

But at least the planet is safe.  So we’ve got that going for us.

Joe Doakes

Always back up everything before a millennial enters your office.

10 thoughts on “Focusing On The Big Picture

  1. JD,
    She has a great future as a public employee having already demonstrated her seamless integration of benighted leftist zealotry, a quest for efficiency the Nazis would admire, and sheer native incompetence. With her clear demonstration of talent she’ll be your boss in 5 years.

  2. She isn’t crying because she feels bad….she is upset you didn’t give her a “Good try” trophy.

    Heartless bastard….give her the trophy!

  3. At today’s commodity prices all recycling is an economic negative except for aluminum, and I suppose, composting.

    I guess St. Paul spies on who does’t recycle. I quit years ago.

  4. It’s worth noting that since pop bottles are no longer glass, most glass simply gets crushed and is used as road base. As I change my bicycle tires more often, I’m not entirely grateful, to put it mildly. I think recycling steel (as cars, not cans) works too, but it’s not as big a deal as we’d have thought.

  5. Joe, the good news is that she’s now fully qualified for a job in the DoJ or IRS in a Democratic administration. Make sure you write that referral!

  6. nerd, this how these idiots get promoted. When they fuck up, their managers write them glowing reviews just to get rid of them. I have worked for a large corp before and have seen that happen time and time again. And then everyone wonders how these wunderkids reached that level of authority without an iota of past successes or hard work to show for it. And hard working ants are stuck without advancement because they are too valuable where they are at – somebody’s gotta do the work!

  7. IT might want to take a look to see if she has downloaded BleachBit software. Hopefully she isn’t practicing up for a job a Platte River, Clinton Foundation, or Onward Together.

  8. My sympathies on the lost data, JD. It seems every office has at least one of these people with an over-inflated sense of self-importance.

    Like Mitch said, back up your data when you see one of these types coming. They exemplify the difference knowledge and wisdom: Knowledge is knowing how to promote a paperless office. Wisdom is knowing that it never hurts to have a backup plan when the proverbial excrement hits the fan.

  9. A millennial IT staffer asked me why I felt the need to back up my data on an external drive when the company backs it up nightly to its own storage system.
    One word answer (that didn’t impress, FWIW): Experience.

  10. jpa;

    The same thing happens in the military. The guys that just did enough to get by, yet thought they knew everything, would screw up just shy of the point they would warrant discipline, seemed to get promotion. Of course, that would just make the situation worse, because the offender would crow, “well, obviously I know what I’m doing, because I got the promotion and you didn’t”!

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