11 thoughts on “In Case There Was Any Doubt…

  1. A more appropriate meme would be Kilroy peering over the top of a cubical.

  2. The photos of the teachers acting out at the capitol for their slice of government graft was incredible.

  3. The goal of AFSCME is to extract as much money as possible from working people and put it in their members’ pockets. That’s it. AFSCME bears the same relationship to government workers that the mafia bears to Italians. The fact that Italians are nice people, in the main, and that many Italians are victims of the mafia does not make the mafia any less evil.
    Sales taxes are notoriously regressive. They tax the poor and spare the rich. Who likes sales taxes? AFSCME.

  4. They’ve been green-eyed monsters forever. Nice to see them cop to it, finally.

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  6. wtf, someone over there needs to be fired. Or are they too dense to realize that?

  7. again this is like that Congress critter saying her first amendment rights are different than he subjects. They are showing their true feelings. Did Trumps election break the Democrats will to hide their true colors? I’m starting to think it has

  8. POD: if a unionist is so unaware of union history, including Mob influence and intimidation of those who don’t want to go along, that they couldn’t see how this would play in Peoria, I would dare say that yes, they are pretty dense.

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