The MN House’s Four Multiculturalists

Here was the MN House vote on the Genital Mutilation bill yesterday.

The bill would – how can I put just the right point on this – hold parents responsible for the genital mutilation of their children, with felony charges against parents who facilitated any of the wide array of culturally-based, barbaric genital mutilation practices.

There were four “no” votes – all DFLers, naturally:

  1. Rep. Rena Moran (D-St. Paul) who is noted as saying she thought it’d impose on a cultural value, like spanking; Ms. Moran (my “representative”) apparently confuses a swat on the ass with carving up girls’ sex organs.
  2. Rep. Susan Allen (D-St. Paul)
  3. Rep. Tina Liebling (D-Rochester), who is running for governor, and believes the law will separate families.
  4. Rep. David Bly (D-Northfield – where else?)

Ilhan Omar and John Lesch – after getting headlines for criticizing author Mary Franson for ostensibly seeking headlines – voted yes.

5 thoughts on “The MN House’s Four Multiculturalists

  1. Omar wants to make a living off of politics. She assimilated too well and too fast LOL.

  2. I like the comment about Liebling believing that the law will separate families; well, H**l yes, I want kids who are mutilated by their parents to be taken away. Honestly, if Democrats can pull stunts like this, we should remember when they say they’re doing things “for the children.”

  3. Omar is lucky her brother didn’t drag her in for a trim job after their nuptials.

  4. “I like the comment about Liebling believing that the law will separate families”

    This, coming from a woman and rep who, to the best of my knowledge has obstructed “Presumption of Joint Physical Custody” legislation at every opportunity.

    Mutilate your kids? Keep your family together.

    Be a father? Show up every other weekend as ordered, and keep your wallet open.

  5. We should ask all of them if they want to submit to genital mutilation themselves. I mean, if they are making these decisions for the children of their constituents, they should at least know what they are voting against.

    I also think that to qualify for federal elected public office, should have to have served at least 4 years in the military, preferably with a combat stint thrown in the mix. Maybe the bastards would think twice before sending other people’s children into harm’s way.

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