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  1. The problem appears to be Trump supporters are impervious to all known liberal bullets – probably because Trump people cannot and will not give any legitimacy to jackals of mainstream media.

    Yous can’t lampoon the hangman if he has no rope.

  2. Trump’s robo-call the day before the election said that if elected, Ossoff would single-handedly –quote– “raise your taxes, destroy your health care and flood our country with illegal immigrants.”

    It’s not surprising, but shows you the level of concern they faced.

  3. I don’t believe the robo-call said “single-handedly”. Do you have a link to the actual text of the call Emery?

  4. The problem is never with any one individual Congress-critter. Al Franken is a nice guy, Amy K. is always smiling, Betty McWhosis hasn’t said an unkind word to anybody in all of 2017. None of them initiate legislation, none of them set the party agenda, they simply go where they’re told to go and say what they’re told to say. The problem is these pleasant nonentities give the Democrats a filibuster-proof majority to pass awful laws (see Obama care, for example) or to block Republican efforts to drain the swamp Democrats created.

  5. “It’s not the despair, Laura, I can take the despair, it’s the hope I can’t stand. ”
    John Cleese ~ ‘Clockwise’

  6. Ossoff got 48.1%
    Hillary got 46.8% in that district.
    The Dems spent $8 million on Ossoff. I doubt if all the GOP candidates together spent $1 million.
    The district is well-to-do by Georgia standards. 60% of its voters are college grads. compared to 30% in Georgia overall. This was not Trump’s demographic, which is probably why he won so narrowly last Nov.
    And this election was held when Dems especially worked to tie their candidate to the anti-Trump movement, when Trump had low approval numbers nation wide, and after five months of heavy and relentlessly bad press coverage of Trump.
    Nevertheless, the MSM will spin Ossoff’s loss as a disaster for Trump and a victory for the Dems.
    The Ossoff thing reminded a little of the Wendy Davis vs. Abbot election in Texas, 2014. Davis couldn’t win. She was clearly too liberal to win a statewide election n Texas.
    Yet she got a lot of positive, national press. Clearly, her feminist shtick worked with our “unbiased” national press. They wanted her to win, and the MSM worked hard to convince you that she had a good chance of winning, and that she had Abbott on the run. Liberal money poured into her campaign treasury. The media nationalized the election, like they did with Georgia 6.
    Davis got shellacked in 2016, 59% to 38%.

  7. Ossoff’ has a feminist shtick going too. Sacrificing to support his girl friend’s medical career.

    Careful Jon. Sometimes when they get their sheep skins they trade up in the boyfriend market.

  8. MP;

    And poor Wendy, got to keep most of that money, even though she lost.

    Hmmm. A legal get rich quick scheme? Seems she’s been a user for most of her adult life. As DMA points out about Ossoff, I believe Wendy did exactly that.

  9. I don’t think they get to keep the money, at least not keep it for personal expenditures. How would it be taxed? Maybe they can use it for later, legitimate campaigns?
    The Dems are locked into dogmatic positions. They literally cannot move to where the most of the country is. The other day I heard a media person ask a Dem party official if they knew that they could flip a congressional seat by backing a pro-life Democrat, would they do it?
    The answer was not just “No,” it was “Hell, no!”

  10. Turnout was low in yesterday’s Georgia 6 election, about 40% vs 60% last November. Again, this does not bode well for the Democrats. It looks the Democrats who voted last November all came out and voted for Ossoff, but only about half the Republicans did.
    I rarely predict election results, but I will in Georgia 6: Handel will win, based on the fact that it is historically a GOP district, and Ossoff already has every Dem vote on Georgia 6, and can’t get above 50%.

  11. Ossoff’s interview on CNN yesterday (played frequently by MBerg colleague Hugh Hewitt this morning) educated me on why Democrat Party women are always so angry. He’s been with her for 12 years and lives with her (outside the 6th district) and he couldn’t bring himself to say when/if he’ll marry her. If I were a Democrat woman and my choices were Ossoff, Anthony Wiener or Jon Favreau (pic at link below); I’d be angry too.

  12. There were 18 candidates in this election. I am surprised the headline writer did not understand that it is mathematically almost impossible for one candidate to get more than 50 percent.

    MP: Republicans have to spend over $5 million to defend one of the safest Republican seats in the country?

    One thing is clear, Democrats are going to need a different issue other than campaigning against Trumpism. The numbers were not good this morning. Major banks calling for a disappointing GDP projection for the first quarter of 2017 and this is in spite of the Obama bump (jobs numbers) in January and February.

  13. Actually, the statistical argument is cluttered by the fact that Democrats had one candidate and others had 17, if I remember right. So with low turnout and motivated liberals, you could get to 50%. Especially because Chelsea Handler promised to show them her t**s if he won, or something like that.

    What is shameful here is that so many Republicans ran instead of standing behind one decent candidate. Should we really believe that there are no other decent jobs to be had outside of government, or at different levels of government?

  14. If the other Democrats running had pulled out when it was clear they were only in the way, perhaps they might have flipped the 6th.

    That said,this is Georgia — the home of would-be Governor Jason Carter and Senator Michelle Nunn. Nothing remotely resembling progressive politics or modern thinking has come out of this state in a long time. Republicans will unify, voters will continue to be subjected to endless commercials branding Ossoff as a “super-liberal” and the next coming of Nancy Pelosi, and Handel will stroll to victory in June.

  15. MP: Republicans have to spend over $5 million to defend one of the safest Republican seats in the country?
    Who said it was one of the safest Republican seats in the country?
    Not me.
    Are you denying that historically it is a GOP district? That’s a matter of fact, not opinion, so it can be checked.
    GOP since Gingrich took it from a Dem in 1978, so, yes, it is historically a GOP district.

  16. You know how every year or so NASA or JPL announces an important press conference about a new discovery on Mars, or a Jovian moon, or an exo-planet?
    And then the spox at the press conference announce that they have not discovered proof of life on another world?
    They announce instead that they have found a precursor to life, or that life may have been possible in some other era, or they have found conditions that do not preclude life on another world.
    But it amounts to holding a presser to announce that, as far as they know, in all of the universe in all the billions of years of its existence, life is only known to exist or to have existed with the biosphere of the earth.
    Democrat hopes that Trump will result in a newly powerful Democrat party are like that.
    Viz:”“The party clearly has no clue how to build and nurture a movement,” said Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the liberal website Daily Kos, which has taken the lead in raising money for Democratic candidates first in Georgia, then Kansas and now Montana. “ ‘We’re going to lose, so stay out’ is not a winning message, ever, and it certainly doesn’t work in these times, when we have a national resistance energized and looking for ways to engage.””

    The Dems lost in Kansas. They lost in Georgia. They are very likely to lose in Montana. They are not learning. They think that they need more of the same policies and techniques that have reduced them to rump-party status in most of the country. Bernie is their new hero, and I believe Emery demonstrated in a comment here at SITD how little support Bernie had among the national electorate. Hillary was more popular.
    I have heard people who apparently believe that they are intelligent commenters on the political scene claim that Hillary only needed a few tens of thousands of votes in a few states to have won the EC in 2016. This, of course, means that if she had gotten those few tens of thousands of votes in the right states, Trump would have lost but been able to make the same claim.
    Can Democrat Quist win over Gianaforte in Montana? Sure. Montana is not a Republican redoubt. But it will be an uphill climb. The Second amendment may kill Quist’s chances. He also has some tax issues he hasn’t handled well from a PR standpoint.

  17. If the Democrats want to be the party of government again (and not simply the party of protest, victim-hood, and a rainbow coalition), they need to change.

  18. Democrats: F*** Yeah!

    Or not. While I think that political discourse could indeed be enhanced if listeners would start chanting “B***S***!” when someone said something embarrassingly false, I’ve got to admit that self-control of politicians would not be sufficient to limit this to real, egregious problems. Rather, they’d be putting it on….oh, never mind.

  19. If the Democrats want to be the party of government again (and not simply the party of protest, victim-hood, and a rainbow coalition), they need to change.

    Says a person who voted for them and uses their talking points as gospel. Priceless.

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