Policy Clarification

Apropos nothing and nobody in particular.

I have always run the most unregulated comment section in the Minnesota political blogosphere.

But if you are a commenter that’s made a years-long habit of dumping condescending comments, and never, ever sticking around to find out that nearly every single point you’ve made is comically in error, so that you make the same completely vacuous, factually void statements over and over and over again?  And you’ve been warned about it for a period of well over a year and a half, now, with comments going through an escalating process of suggestion, annotation,  moderation, and direct request?   (Not naming names, here).

Your comments are going straight in the spam folder until you contact me, offline, and discuss your abuse of my hospitality.

I run the most open free-for-all there is.  And I don’t care if you disagree with me, or for that matter if you’re a condescending fop about it (I always win, so it doesn’t matter).  But chanting the same hackneyed, wrong chanting points, over and over, without even the most feeble attempt at discussion, is over.

It’s not many people, or things, that can exhaust my almost-boundless Scandinavian patience.  But it happened.


3 thoughts on “Policy Clarification

  1. Ironically, it is the Lefties who are most prone to hold a blog publisher responsible for the comments that appear on their website.
    It is common for Lefty “journalists” to claim that Breitbart (for example), is neo-nazi based on some of the anonymous comments that are attached to its articles.
    Milbank does this. If you allow uncensored comments, you are in fact a nazi.

  2. OK, by allowing Mad Dog to post, then, we find that our host is a Communist, right? I’d better get my rhetoric in gear!

    Bourgeoisie of the world unite! Stomp the proletarian pig under your heel! Buy blue chip!

    Or something like that.

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