Weekend Plans

In the not too distant future,
This weekend, AD,
my house will be all quiet,
except for my TV.

I’ll have MST3K on,
and I won’t even turn the volume down.
Won’t stop for rain or snow or hail
and all your calls will roll to voice mail

I’ll watch wretched movies,
the worst of all time (la la la)
Even “Manos Hands of Fate”,
though I might just lose my mind.

I keep in mind that his is time
that I can not ever get back,  (la la la)
As I’m sure I will be notified
by the silhouette backing track

(Ro Bot Roll Call)

Tom Servo!

If you’re wondering what I’ll eat and breathe,
and other logistic stuff,
repeat “MST is on Netflix”
And you will know enough,

More Mystery Science Theater, Three Thousand!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Plans

  1. I’m happy the show is back on the air, although not nearly as happy as if they had any of the original cast back (having Joel Hodgeson behind the scenes doesn’t count).


  2. Love MST3K.

    Still remember the first time I watched it. Thanksgiving night, 1990, with a full stomach, laughing so hard that I almost lost my dinner and my sides were about to burst.

  3. Ill watch after the NCAA tournament is over. Weren’t they actually filmed in a movie theater in SLP?

  4. Loved MST3000 from the first time I stumbled across. I couldn’t believe someone had made a show out of something my best friend from high school and I had been doing for awhiile. (We probably weren’t the only ones).

    So many bad classics crawled across the MST screen, and it became a kind of game to see if my comments would line up the shows. I know I laughed outloud often, but there’s one joke that always comes to mind when I think of this show.

    It was from a “women in prison” “D-movie” (if you know what I mean) and the gals were in the midst of escaping through a swamp when betrayed by a member of the group. “Oh no, she’s got a gun! What will we do?” said one of the group.

    “IMPOSE SANCTIONS!” responded Servo.

  5. “IMPOSE SANCTIONS!” responded Servo.

    I laughed so hard I had a hard time breathing.

  6. I just remembered, I do have a tangential connection to MST3K.


    Andy LaCasse is my wife’s cousin. Their families lived and grew up next door to each other from the early 70s to the early 90s. He was a roommate of one of the originators of MST3K (I don’t remember who…it wasn’t Joel), so that was his foot in the door to being asked to do this. He’s a fun and funny guy, but diametrically opposed politically to most of the readers here. We have had good discussions about music and know to stay away from politics.

    (Kayla has graduated from college)

  7. Top 3:
    1. Final Sacrifice
    2. Giant Spider Invasion
    3. Space Mutiny
    (yes, I was a “Mike guy”).
    Check out RiffTrax and RiffTrax live on Amazon. Manos RiffTrax Live is tremendous.

  8. Felicia Day is a good choice for the female lead. She is better looking than Pearl.
    I hope she does not try to steal the show.

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