Look, Think, Act Like America

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Diversity proponents say “We need an office that looks like America” meaning an office staffed by people who are Black, Hispanic, American Indian but all carefully toe the line chanting the same Liberal ideas.

 It’s especially annoying in federal agencies, where the “deep state” long-term bureaucrats are all committed leftists who feel emboldened to wage war on conservatives.

 Trump should attack that starting with a tweet “We need a government that THINKS like America” meaning a 50-50 balance of political opinion among staff members, regardless of the color of their skin. 

 It will cause a storm of outrage of course, he’s politicizing the non-political jobs, imposing litmus tests, etc., but that’s already happened so the outrage will be a manifestation of Berg’s Seventh Law.  Politicization was done by the left and we’re seeking to restore balance, as diversity proponents themselves insist is necessary.  After all, aren’t they the ones who say we must have a wise Latina on the court to bring that perspective to the law? Well, then, shouldn’t we have intellectual diversity throughout the administration in proportion to the electorate which, as we know, is evenly divided?

 It would be amusing to watch and who knows, it might just open the public’s minds to the possibility of firing ideologically motivated bureaucrats who are sabotaging the new administration with leaks and resistance movements from within.

 Joe Doakes

Intellectual diversity?

That’s misogynist!


13 thoughts on “Look, Think, Act Like America

  1. During his last days in office, the blaming golfer in chief, put lots of liberat cronies in positions which many have said it would be very hard for Trump to fire them from.

    If I were him, I would hire a secret team to identify all of these hacks, then send them to places like Greenland or Guam to do their jobs. Perhaps he can put their offices in places like restrooms or closets, making it so bad for them that they quit.

  2. Endless creative epithets to deflect attention and shift blame by elements in politics who now have gone all out for unaccountably in the blame game. What the alt-right is attacking is the separation of powers and they call this resistance to Trump’s agenda from varying sources of power in the government the “deep state”. The reality is they would like everyone else to kindly stop resisting and let the executive wield supreme and total authority to allow them to enact their self-serving “ideologically motivated” agenda.

    The short answer: A canard coughed up by the alt-right, drawing upon third world examples/terminology, to detract, troll and cover for incompetence, from a rather bizarre Trump administration.

  3. So, Emery, back in the ’50s those school officials blocking the door to keep Black students out of white schools were heroes.
    America’s elite are

  4. So, Woolly, , there has always been leaks in Washington and the Federal government. Always will. Ask Nixon. ‘Deep State’ is Trump speak for “dog ate my homework”. The only thing “deep” here is the amount of pure BS we hear on a daily basis from this administration.

  5. “. ‘Deep State’ is Trump speak for “dog ate my homework”.”

    No, not really. “Deep State” is conservative for “The politicized bureaucracy acting in its own institutional self-interest, regardless of its intended role or the good of the country at large”.

  6. ‘Deep State’ is Trump speak for “dog ate my homework”

    Rhetorical question since no one here expects an honest answer, let alone an intelligent one: How does DC and surrounding area vote? What percent Dem and what Rep? Does that not validate the hypothesis that DC bureaucrat machine is vast, huge, gigantic majority libturds?

  7. MBerg: my concern is that the new deep state of Trump / Bannon sycophants are stepping to the tune of free media bashing, crony capitalism and bashing everyone who isn’t Alt-right. There’s a fine line between patriotism and treason when you believe that those people in power intend to destroy your country.

    What was the word or term that set off moderation?

  8. Mitch, please moderate my post. It will shut e up and make him move the goal posts. Again.

  9. Good Lord Emery, your contempt for Trump is really palpable! You really seem to have him figured as the devil incarnate, very insightful given he’s been in office less than 2 months. You’re really sounding like a broken record. Like many of Hillary crowd you seem to be grief stricken beyond consolation. Hope you can find solace over the next 4 – 8 years.

  10. Yes, I agree. I can get carried away at times. But you have to admit, Trump is his own worst enemy when it comes to unforced errors, chaos, and his relationship with the truth. One of the main things I don’t like about Trump is that he fails to appreciate the value of treating others well and fairly even when you don’t have to. He thinks dealing fairly and treating other people (and countries) well is for suckers. Deal-makers like him defraud and cheat others whenever he can get away with it, because he’s a ‘winner’. If we all behaved with that attitude, our society would collapse in short order into a festering wound of mistrust.

  11. Emery: “Deal-makers like him defraud and cheat others…..”

    REALLY? Whitewater Scandal, Resolution Trust; Castle Grande Estates; Cattle Futures; Clinton Foundation; on and on and on!!! Mysterious that damaging testimony can’t be can’t be compelled from the dead!

    Likely Trump co-conspirator/accusers for what validity they may have are still taking air.

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