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On issue after issue after issue, the left’s messaging strategery seems to have changed to “pummel the public with inflammatory, scaremongering lies; the votes of the gullible, the incurious, the demented and the un-bright count the same as the votes of smart people, and are easier to secure”.

Focusing on the 2nd Amendment “debate” – it’s the one I read most constantly – the evergreen example is “Stand Your Ground laws allow people to KILL people because of the way they’re dressed”.

It’s balderdash, as we’ve explained in this space over and over.  The smart people know this.  The dumb people…

…are the intended customer for that particular lie.

With that in mind, New York’s junior machine apparatchik Kirsten Gillibrand has sounded off with a level of perspicacity reminiscent of Betty McCollum:

I was going to say “someone’s been watching too many “Miami Vice” reruns” – but that’d be too charitable.  While most liberals (and some Republicans) start out dumb on the gun issue, and some don’t get smarter (McCollum, ibid), it’s not like these hamsters exist in a vacuum.  It’s not like some NRA lobbyist, somewhere, hasn’t made Senator Gillibrand aware that silencers are far from silent.

Which means one of two things: Sen. Gillibrand is incurious about anything that doesn’t comport with the narrative she’s been given by her superiors, or she doesn’t care, and passing the narrative is the only goal.

I’m inclined to think “b”.

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  1. The last two decades of school’s celebrating ‘National Reading Month’ every other month and the ‘Reading is Fundamental’ programs enforced by the Educrat-Teachers Union Thug-Publishing Company complex through force (well, through withholding a schools Federal funding) have led to a generation or two of people like Senator Gillibrand who get all of their news & information from fictional television shows. These are people who believe Martin Sheen might have a 3rd term in him and that all anti-abortion types possess low double-digit IQ’s while also being capable of constructing highly complex IED’s. Just like they saw on many episodes of “Law & Order”. And that “silencers” muffle the sound of a gun shot to 15 dB just like when ‘Tony Soprano’ killed that guy on HBO.
    The blogger ‘Ace’ of the Ace of Spades HQ blog has been noting lately that many of the Democrats and particularly members of the Democrat Party Media Culture are just obsessed with their TV shows and if they mention a book they read recently, it is likely just a pull-quote from a blog review of a blogger who primarily blogs about television.
    Somewhat off thread – do you think Michelle Bachmann or her former staff wonder why the dumb things she said were so highly publicized while ‘Dim-Bulb-Betty’ McCollum and Kirsten “Everything I Know I Learned From Fictional TV” Gillibrand get away with everything dumb they say?

  2. The Union Thug Publishing Company? Let’s see: If I sell a million books to schools and make a generous contribution to the Union and don’t mind a few creative “edits” from the Union, then the state makes me rich, right?

    What’s the down-side? (please don’t use the words “truth,”conscience., soul or ethics” in your answer).

    I’ll wait for the royalty check.

  3. “The Union Thug Publishing Company?”
    Ike or at least his speechwriters need to come back from the dead with a term similar to Military-Industrial-Complex that describes the conspiracy of Education Bureaucrats, Teachers Union Thugs and Book Publishing Companies that have turned reading into a chore that children do between watching viral videos on their ‘smart’ phones & school issued tablets.

  4. I’m guessing Gillibrand has the same intellectual ailment my brother once showed; refusing to even consider a possibility that one could be wrong. The postmodern narrative is so important that we can’t let inconvenient facts get in the way.

  5. This ranks up there with the belief that shooting out the window with a handgun in a pressurized aircraft will cause a 10-foot hole in the fuselage.

  6. Nope. They’re learning it somewhere, so there are a LOT of people out there like that. To use a word picture, if there were not a plurality of people who refuse to consider evidence, explain to me how the IPCC escapes being tarred and feathered for things like the UEA scandal, the misplacement of climate monitoring stations, and the like.

  7. I’m wondering if Kirsten is really Bloomberg in drag? I hope that the requirement for a $200 fed stamp to purchase a suppressor will end soon, manufactures are making many of their guns with threaded barrels these days.

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