18 thoughts on “This Is Today’s Left

  1. I don’t want to see any more of the results of debauched, leftist scumbags rat packing decent, Real American men, women and children. We know their tactics, we know the police in large cities are under orders from their leftist governments to stand down; it’s time some tactical counter-force be applied.

    Enter Based Stickman!


    Reprobate vermin should have a care. This fellow will inspire hundreds more freedom loving American citizens to defend themselves and others where the co-opted police refuse to do their jobs.

  2. Saw it as early as back in 2009, guy tackled me outside Coffman Union for being pro-Israel. We need to start fighting back before its too late.

  3. speaking of which, this is where defensive pepper spray would be good. Non-lethal and immediately incapacitating

  4. I’m afraid we may be precariously close to a big time blowout, it could be one long hot summer. Should it happen I put the blame firmly on the progressives and anarchists.

  5. What can we do as citizens to stand up against these thugs Scott? I think the silent majority is getting pissed at all these violent protests. How do we counter?

  6. AGS (and POD) – Rather than one dude and a stick, I’d say the stomp and drag is a great technique. It’d be fantastic to see a group of freedom loving Americans show up with their Anti-Riot shields. Only $99 on Amazon. Maybe a helmet for another $23. It’d be ideal to have some practice prior to as well. But, to see them wade into the horde and stomp would be way better than re-watching the 300.

  7. I agree, SMH. It is clear that, like many aggressive, non-thinking animals, the left only respects force.

    A helmet on your head, and a roll of nickles in your fist has become required kit to excersize your freedom of speech.

  8. POD, I have no problem with peaceful protest at a location that doesn’t interfere with others free movement and other rights. For the trouble makers we need law enforcement to arrest and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. The penalties for crimes needs to swift, certain, and severe.

    I agree with you that many folks are getting pretty fed up with what’s been allowed to happen in some places. If/when things come to a boiling point between the parties it’s highly likely that violence will happen. When the escalation becomes completely out of control the bloodshed will lie directly at the feet of the political critters that allowed (encouraged) the lawlessness. They will need to pay a price for actions/inactions be it criminal or civil.

  9. St. Paul once kicked out a mayor over bad snowplowing. Fortunately those citizens hadn’t been convinced that their expectation of well plowed roads wasn’t part of their White Privilege and hence something to change. I don’t think a mayoral candidate that promised to keep the roads drivable would have a chance now…at least not in the polls and non-anonymous fundraising.

  10. If they really want the end of free speech, shouldn’t we just immediately arrest the lot of them? Preferably with billy clubs to the noggin–best place to hit them without risking damaging anything they’re using?

  11. Just not on rifles, Scott. No way in H*** I’d want an easy chance of confusing matters…..I want the far left humbled, not deceased.

  12. The way things are going BBC we might not have that luxury especially if they start jt

  13. Bike, sorry they also have a hand held just didn’t discuss it in the video much.

  14. We need to start recruiting Hell’s angels for protection. The left should remember that they can be ‘tough guys’ until they run into a tough guy.

  15. POD: HA! Can I be the Monty Python part of the Beeb? I’d like to have an argument…..

    Scott: true, but the rifle mounted one just gave me the willies….you just want to sit people down and explain to them exactly why that is going to get them chances to deal with lawyers at the worst possible time.

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