Choice For Me. Not For Thee.

Remember when Al Franken lit into Betsy DeVos over her school choice beliefs?

Some might have thought Franken opposed school choice.   He does, in fact, support school choice.

For those who can afford it.

…the Senator also has very little experience with public schools.

According to an interview with Harvard magazine, Franken was a math and science whiz as a boy. As he approached secondary school years, his parents wanted to find a better school for their gifted student. Franken ended up attending and graduating from Blake, one of the most exclusive private schools in the Minneapolis area, where the tuition for upperclassmen is currently $29,025 per year.

Franken’s two kids also avoided public school. Instead, his kids attended The Dalton School in New York City where tuition is $44,640 per year. Dalton is known for educating celebrities and children of royalty.

Forget about Franken; I sincerely doubt you find the children of many superstar superintendents toiling away in public schools.

16 thoughts on “Choice For Me. Not For Thee.

  1. As the modern Pharisees often say: “Everyone, everywhere, ought to drive Chevies, but, as for me and my house, we will drive Fords.”

  2. The plebes need to be kept in horrible schools. Otherwise they will gain intelligence and stop voting Democrat. I’m being 100% serious.

  3. Here’s the thing though… This is in/on “AlphaNews”, which I’m certain is the fine social media news platform it claims to be. But during the DeVos Hearings, I heard Sen. Smalley on three different radio stations (two state sponsored/one private, the Evil Neighbor) and saw him on what passes for “Issues” programming on local Tee-Vee.
    Not one of the interviewers asked how big a set of brass ones Sen. Smalley had asking questions of DeVos, when Minnesota is 50th of the 50 states is educational outcomes for People of Color. Nor did anyone ask how Sen. Smalley could have anything in common with the average parent (regardless of color/pallor) who sends their children to public school (like me) when he went to an exclusive academy and sent his own children to an exclusive academy*. Nope – it was just an agreement fest that the Amway lady was hideously unqualified to be Secretary of Education. And brought to you by Education Minnesota, sponsor of both Sen. Smalley & the broadcast media.
    *And don’t forget his ‘Air America’ network stiffing poor children of color so Al wouldn’t miss a paycheck.

  4. Have no fear, Sef. Smalley was put in his place. DeVos is going to toss a stick of dynamite under the teacher union boss’s desk.

    But Smalley’s pedigree brings up a problem. Vouchers are a great first step, but once leftist parents realize their kids are alone in the public schools with the kids of moochers, losers and future penitentiary residents they will want to drag them into the same classrooms we’ve removed our kids to. They will drag their degenerate baggage in with them, of course, and we could be right back to square one.

    If you get your kids into a good school, that’s wonderful; but it’s just the first step. You’ve got to be involved. Don’t let the left infect our refuge.

  5. Diaper Boy’s parents sent him to private school to isolate the little piss ant from the savages associated with attending St. Louis Park public schools back in the 60’s.

  6. Based on that visit to one of the (many) worst performing school in DC, where she was blocked by a Democrat Cracker Racist Teachers Union advocate ala Democrat Cracker Racist George Wallace blocking James Meredith, I hope DeVos advises Trump to repeat Ike’s treatment of Wallace; send troops and armor as backup the next time.

  7. I got into an FB discussion about DeVos with a teacher I know. Her complaint about Detroit schools after I shared an article showing that test scores at charters were as good or better than DPS was that flight out of DPS resulted in school closures. IMHO, that’s a feature, not a bug of the plan.

  8. One argument against vouchers and private schools is that in terms of his ability to think, Blake doesn’t seem to have helped Franken much. I would have to guess that the big advantage of many of them is that you get friends who grease your way into prominent, well paying sinecures.

  9. bb – hear, hear. I used to say that the only difference was the quality of drugs.

  10. I also thought that psycho moonbat Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, made a complete ass of herself (again!). After the hearings, she acted like the idiot she is, refusing to shake DeVos’ hand.
    What makes her behavior even funnier, is that she used to be a Republican and what was her biggest cause? School choice!

  11. JPA: if only Belushi had gone to the Blake school, eh?

    Or….thinking of the comedic “Brilliance” that came out of there….maybe not.

  12. An uncle and aunt by marriage of mine, from day one to their retirement, both worked at a western suburban public school district (the same district). The uncle retired after a couple decades of being principal of the high school.

    (He retired with 180 unused sick days accrued, cash payout. Must be nice. But I digress…..)

    Their daughter went to private school K-12. Their son went to public school in elementary, but then they tried sending him to the same private school from which their daughter went, but he “wasn’t a good fit” and failed out in a year. Then they sent him to the school Dad was principal of, and he graduated.

    Their kids give me great joy. Son is currently a Duck Dynasty clone (even more with the guns, but minus the religion). Daughter married the son of a self-made businessman who took over Dad’s business and she has fully embraced the capitalist lifestyle. Nice cars/SUVs, large ex-urban house (urban sprawl McMansion), weekend trips to the cabin in Ely all summer, snowmobiling for the whole family, yearly trips to WDW or taking a cruise, etc. The aunt and uncle must consider themselves utter failures with their son. The daughter lives like a dirty Republican capitalist but at least she still votes for Dems. She’s a walking contradiction and doesn’t see that she politically supports people who detest the lifestyle she enjoys and would end it if they could.

  13. Bill, we might comment that a lot of theoretically “capitalistic” businesses indeed work on government largesse. I don’t know if that’s the case with your friends, but I know it is in a lot of cases I know of.

  14. I’m pretty sure they don’t get government assistance, given the type of business they are (industrial turbine service). They do work on government projects like dams, but they also work on private industry turbines too.

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