Like Farmers

When I was a kid, I’d go into the local bakery, whrere area farmers would be sitting and talking.  When they talked, there were two subjects:

If it was raining out:  complaining that it was too wet.

If it wasn’t raining about:  complaining about how dry it was.

Over this past few months, watching California go from being a parched wasteland to a potentially flooded wasteland,, and hearing Californians complaining about it, I’ve thought:

  1. Hey!  Just like North Dakota farmers!
  2. And you expected what, building a society in an almost uninhabitable desert, prone to almost nothing but extremes?

Dear Cali:  hope your dam doesn’t break.  If you hurry up and secede from the union, you might just be able to recover from a dam break without all that pesky help from a federal government you hate!

25 thoughts on “Like Farmers

  1. In 2016, California spent $700 million on maintaining it’s water infrastructure.

    California spends $25 billion annually to support it’s population of Mexican citizens living in the US illegally.

  2. Too, late, the dam had been breached. But then, why spend on “shovel ready” jobs to repair crumbling infrastructure that threatens lives of hundreds of thousands of people, where there is a much more noble cause “even if you can save one life!” of an illegal alien. Oh, and don’t forget those precious newts and snakes and chicakdees and one-eyed frogs who inhabit the area and prevent access to the dam.

  3. This happens every 150-200 years. Google 1861 Sacramento flood.

    There was a reason the Indians put their villages up in the foot hills.

  4. This happens every 150-200 years

    Oh, I don’t know. I blame global warming, especially the anthropomorphic one.

  5. DMA….same with the drought. One researcher wrote an article (no linky) that said the past 135 years are actually an anomaly for California. That the climate there is much more dry than we have experienced since widespread settlement has occurred there.

  6. How could this happen? Here is the executive summary:

    February 14, 1014
    California is ranked highest among all states in terms of water infrastructure needs. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2013 Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment determined that since 2007, California’s water infrastructure needs increased from $44.2 billion to $44.5 billion. California’s needs
    include an estimated $26.7 billion to improve drinking water transmission, $8.4 billion for water treatment and $6.4 billion for water storage.

    June 17, 2015:
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – A budget deal between Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders would make California the first in the nation to offer state-subsidized health care to children who are in the country illegally.

    The $115.4 billion agreement announced Tuesday is expected to win easy approval from the Senate and Assembly before the fiscal year begins July 1, and its immigrant health care provisions were touted by its backers as a necessity in the face of federal inaction.

    March 25, 2015
    Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Friday that speeds up $1 billion in water infrastructure spending amid the worst drought in a generation. $660 million of the water package goes to shore up flood protection structures to prevent mudslides and sudden storms from overtaking communities.

    This is a perfectly implemented plan. It’s what the people of California voted for.

  7. Mamm it’s too late for that. Everyone out there is busy Making California Mexico Again.

  8. The funniest thing here is that for once, environmentalists showed they knew a bit about science and engineering when they said that they needed to heavily modify the spillway or else risk it altogether. But even that wasn’t enough to convince Democrats in Sacramento that they needed to do something.

  9. They were warned in 2005. Maybe Jerry Brown should have taken some of that light rail money to fix this. I have little sympathy for the state. Sucks for the residents though, there might be grounds for a lawsuit though

  10. If every illegal Mexican living in Cali picked up a 5 lb rock, carried it to the spillway and dropped it in the hole, the problem would be solved by tomorrow morning.

  11. I find the timing interesting. I’m pretty sure that the flood is the result of all the liberal tears Californians have shed since November.

  12. Wouldn’t you think we’d have learned after Katrina and the predicted flood wall breach that happened in New Orleans (after years of Federal cash being diverted to anywhere but improving the flood wall even though that’s what it was earmarked for) that government doesn’t prepare for the coming catastrophy?
    California took their Federal cash and built a train to nowhere that no one rides as well as to support a large numbers of people who retired as patrons of Sacramento, whether they came here legally or not. I’d say f*** them, but maybe Trump should have his kid go out there, hang a Trump banner over the dam site and fix the breach with gold plated concrete.

  13. I find it amazing that they balked at the cost, of all things THIS is where the California government gets fiscally conservative?! I mean jesus christ

  14. They send 10,000 CFS down a steep unprotected slope (emergency spillway) and they were SURPRISED it eroded? They are too stupid to live. How do they not drown when they take a shower?

  15. Politicians have an incentive to spend now on their constituents rather than prepare for the future. We’ve seen that with Dayton doing his utmost to spend the “surplus” on his favored groups.

    Democratic politicians are especially sensitive to those pressures given their rhetoric about apocalyptic dangers to [insert minority group here] that need to be remedied. Again, see Dayton trying to get spending on all-day preschool, for an example, despite all evidence showing that any program benefits disappear by grade three.

    All said, it’s no surprise that in a state dominated by Democrats that all sorts of boring maintenance projects are shelved while the sexier “help out today’s selected disadvantaged demographic” projects get all the love. A train to nowhere with no riders is far sexier to Democrats who want to feel like they’re helping poor disadvantaged Gaia than doing preventive maintenance on some structure built by oppressive cis white males more than half a century ago.

    (BTW, Mitch, it shouldn’t surprise you that farmers still talk that way about the weather. In fact, it may well be their permanent mode of operation since it’s been a constant throughout recorded history.)

  16. How do they not drown when they take a shower?

    thats why the Shower-Karaoke(TM) never really caught on – too many inadvertent drownings.

  17. California has been at the forefront of Environmental Awareness. No drilling (but for the casting couch), no coal, no nukes, etc. and fuel taxes to beggar all the car “crazies” – all to please Gaia and the Warmenists who are gravely concerned that temps are up 1 degree Celsius since the Coolidge Administration due to lesser non-Prius driving humans and all twelve Republicans that live there. And here they have a waiting Environmental Catastrophe staring them right there in the face and they do nothing about it. And they call themselves the Party of Science! Bill Nye needs to go back to being an Engineering Guy (he never was a Scientist).

  18. Nerd….sounds like the University head. You have $10M to spend. Do you spend it on:
    A) Heating, AC, and plumbing repairs to several 50+ year old buildings.
    B) That shiny new student center. (well, it’d be more than $10M, but to make a point…..)
    You chose B, then 2 years later send out Facebook requests asking people to lobby the state legislature to spend more money on falling apart buildings. But hey, you got the rock climbing wall.

  19. Trump may have a lot of issues, but if he was running the show above, he’d go with B, and also find a way to do it for $7M instead of $10. Same with Scott Walker.

  20. The other day I read about a college that received an unexpected boost to its endowment: a longtime college librarian left it a bequest of four million dollars.
    The college spent one million of it on a new, hi-tech scoreboard for the athletic field.

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