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When I saw that Democrat protesters – led, inevitably, by paid activist shills – were howling and stomping at Republican town hall meetings, I knew it was a matter of time before our dimbulb media started making comparisons with the Tea Party.

And sure enough, they are.

So with two “Tea Parties” floating around, how can you tell the difference?

Never let it be said I’m not here to help.   Here’s the Shot In The Dark “Tea Party Field Recognition Guide.

If the “Tea Party” event you’re watching is: Then it is:
Large, organic, and animiated but well-mannered A conservative Tea Party
Foul-mouthed, vituperative and rife with threats (whether verbalized or not) A liberal “Tea Party”
Leaves the protest site a mess choked with trash and debris A liberal “Tea Party”
Leaves the place neater than when they showed up: A conservative Tea Party.
Is attended by leftist ringers with racist signs and t-shirts parading in front of a (let’s be charitable) gullible media A conservative Tea Party
A challenge to the GOP A conservative Tea Party
Indistinguishable from the Democrat Party, because it’s a paid offshoot of the Democrat Party A liberal “Tea Party”

Hope that helps!

4 thoughts on “Field Recognition Guide

  1. but like the Tea Party made the GOP more conservative this liberal ‘tea party’ will drive the dems further left. And we know that, it’s not a stunner that the 3 out state DFLer congressmen are being targeted by the NRCC. Nolan, Walz, and Peterson could each face a leftist primary challenger too.

  2. Wasn’t there a “coffee party” that was supposedly going to rival the Tea Party a few years ago? What happened to it?

    I predict this new “Tea Party” will fail to remain organized. If it lasts until the moment we next have a Democratic president, that will be a shock. Something about the nature of a group of people with little regard for things like the rule of law, or observing decorum and order, that makes it difficult for them to stay organized under any sort of governing body.

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