Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

It occurs to me that I haven’t heard Larry Jacobs opine about Kellyanne Conway, the woman who ran Donald Trump’s stunningly successful Presidential campaign.  Why not? 

 It’s not as if she had such a great candidate that the campaign was a walk in the park.  Trump isn’t George Washington, someone the whole public would love to proclaim King.  I’m absolutely confident that no other candidate could have beaten Hillary.  The other Republicans all were hiring the same strategy consultants, making the same media buys, hitting up the same super PAC fundraisers.  They even shop at the same tailors: I never saw so many identical outfits as when the twelve dwarfs were in those early debates.  Somehow, she pulled her guy to the top of that heap.

 And did it practically free.  She convinced the media to give Trump a zillion dollars of free publicity, thinking they were killing his campaign by reporting on his outrageous promise to “Build the Wall” when in fact, he was using them to reach out to Joe Six-Pack who heard the slogan and thought “Damned straight and about time!”  Talk about your all-time classic backfires . . . that’s a brilliant tactic nobody else could have gotten away with.

 Kellyanne Conway ought to be on the cover of every political magazine, the talk of every political news program and the subject of every Poli Sci class on every campus.  She ran an insurgent campaign on a shoestring and beat the best political consultants and candidate in the nation.  And did it with a unruly novice as the candidate!  And won walking away, an Electoral College landslide. Why isn’t she getting more praise?

 She’s either the single luckiest woman in the world or the smartest, I’m not sure which and I don’t care.  I’m just grateful to her for preventing The Lizard Queen from ascending to the Rose Garden Throne.  In the first week alone, she saved me $1,000 that I was planning to spend on ammunition before Hillary banned it.  Her guy hasn’t even taken office and already, my life is richer.  

 Joe Doakes

Same same.

8 thoughts on “Unsung

  1. That is an unwise  remark. If we excluded all people/organizations/newspapers that made a wrong call one time, there would be nobody left standing.

    There is an angry ignorance in your comment that is not pleasant.

  2. For Christ”s sake Emery! Over 90% of the media, political activist and pundit industry got it wrong!

    JD is absolutely correct in his assessment.

  3. That’s hurtful, Emery. I re-read the post: I found nothing ignorant, angry or unwise. I cannot fathom how you interpreted it so. Perhaps you could explain more fully which words were unwise, which phrases were angry, which paragraphs betray ignorance?

    Or perhaps my remarks were unclear? Maybe a different example would help. Pretend Danica Patrick won the Sprint Cup but nobody interviewed her, not on television, not in print media, on the grounds that women are not traditional race car drivers and she won a miracle upset victory that pissed off all the experts. Would that behavior puzzle you?

    Oh, wait, you’re one of those sophisticated people. You don’t follow NASCAR. You don’t know who Danica is and would sneer at her even if she did win, because it’s a low-life, blue-collar, beer-drinking thing to do.

    Never mind.

  4. I’m absolutely confident that no other candidate could have beaten Hillary.

    Disagree, as Rubio and Kasich consistently polled ahead of her in head-to-head matchups. Even Cruz was within the MOE, whereas Trump consistently trailed.

    That said, it doesn’t take away from your overall premise. Kudos to Ms. Conway on shattering that glass ceiling. Turns out a woman can run a winning presidential campaign!

  5. JD, you are wrong. Conway did not come out of nowhere, she came from Cruz’s camp after he folded. This, of course does not change your narrative, but only reinforces her credentials. And this means that based on your assessment of Conway’s abilities, Cruz could have beat sHrillary like a rented mule all the way to the glue factory.

  6. I found nothing ignorant, angry or unwise. I cannot fathom how you interpreted it so.

    Shhh, JD. Be vewy, vewy quiet. eTASS is in his safe space, imagining all the evil about to be done in the name of RIGHTeousness. Everything and anything you say will be held against you.

  7. JD I’m with you that Conway should be getting a huge amount of recognition from all circles for how she pulled off what was thought to be insurmountable odds.

    IMHO Trump and his inner circle of advisors were as shrewd as it can get. Through the course of the primary they beat out a very deep GOP field of candidates. Without doubt Kellyanne was key to the Trump success in the general election. She’s like the pitcher that throws a no-hitter in game 7 of the world series.

  8. I’ve been telling my colleagues that Conway is the first successful woman campaign manager. Despite being supposed champions of women, my colleagues don’t seem all that excited by it.

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