Let Me Set You Straight, Snowflake

In the Strib (where else), one John Paul Scott – who is described as a “writer in Rochester”, which must be a little akin to being a farmer in Manhattan – wrote a long, gassy ode to expunging Trump supporters from your lives.

I sent an e-mail to an in-law, telling him that his genial hockey buddy and Trump supporter friend Johnny was no longer welcome on Thanksgiving.

I’m not a hater. Johnny’s a good guy. He means well and has done nice things for me. I’ve known him 20 years. But I can’t feed him any more of my potatoes. And I encourage everyone reading these words to defenestrate all the Johnnys in their lives, if they feel so inclined. Or better yet, they could emulate what the comic and patriot Wanda Sykes did last week in Boston, which is to condemn the rise of the strongman, brooking no generosity or period of cooling — and to flip right off anyone who doesn’t want to hear it.

Ah, the party of intellect.

They do seek a world like Alan Dershowitz described in attacking the faculty at Harvard Law School – “people with different colored skin, or wearing a skirt, who all think the same way”.

He continues.  And continues.  And continues.  Scott, the “writer” (uh huh) certainly is no editor.

But here’s his conclusion, of sorts (emphasis added):

In fact, it’s probably better that you [don’t keep Trump supporters in your lives], not if you don’t want to normalize the election of a man who seems poised to penalize his criticsfoment anger within his base.

Huh.  Penalizing critics.


Mr. Scott – take some time off from your “writing’ (whatevs) and google “IRS Scandal” before you jabber about penalizing critics.   Or for that matter, google “John Paul Scott Thanksgiving Invitation”.

Some of us have pushed away family over far less.

I just bet “some of you” have.  Lots and lots.

I will welcome a chance to talk with any of your family about that, Mr. Scott.  Oh, yes.

And once you’ve taken a stand, they might have to think about what matters more to them — their fondness for the strongman, or you.

It seems like an easy choice;  neither is worthy of any attention.

Mr. Scott, I do hope you read this.  I would welcome a chance to discuss this article on the air.  I doubt you have either the courage or the intellect, but how about we give it a shot?

And here’s a note to the entire American left; your “my way or the highway” schtick is why Trump won.

UPDATE:  A friend looked up Mr. Scott’s bio.

“…The first word under Mr. Scott’s name was “Groupthink”. That sounds accurate…Definition from Wikipedia “Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome.Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences.”

It’s almost as if Mr. Scott is a conservative sock puppet, set up to mock and lampoon liberalism.

But this is Minnesota.  There’s no such thing as “over the top” on the left.

9 thoughts on “Let Me Set You Straight, Snowflake

  1. It’s been clarifying, but often depressingly so, to see what long-standing friends have shut themselves off from others over this election.

    I have one extremely close friend who is afraid to leave her home and is seriously contemplating moving out of the country for her “safety.” I have another who hurried married her boyfriend to ensure he can stay in the U.S., even though he’s legally here on a work Visa. And it’s agonizing to see some of these people shut me out, especially when I didn’t vote for His Orangeness in the first place.

    The most surprising aspect of this behavior is who is engaging in it. I have plenty of liberal friends, and yet the ones overreacting to Trump’s election are almost uniformly those who haven’t had much interest in the political process. Those liberal friends of mine who are politically engaged certainly aren’t happy with the result, but are far more sanguine.

  2. First;

    Your friend’s marriage still may not be safe. I’ve got to believe that Trump will put those types of unions under scrutiny, as part of his vetting process.

  3. 10 years ago I found myself quietly dropped by a friend of 30 years because I’d had some letters to the editor of the Strib published, expressing some conservative ideas. I attempted to resume the friendship, met a wall of passive aggression. Nothing to match the vitriol of Mr Scott, but equally definitive. I find it sad that people on left are so willing to discard friends like tissue paper rather than engage in self reflection. As in, I know this person to be intelligent and caring; perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to stereotype him as a redneck yahoo. And worse, they often project their hostility on others. As in Mr Scott’s characterization of an aging vet as “racist” because he shoved a black girl member of Black Lives Matter who had entered a Trump rally. That’s his anger speaking. The vet might have been out of line. Perhaps the girl was spewing hate and obscenities. Civility and rationality are in danger of extinction, but there is plenty of blame to share.

  4. Dennis Prager read this on the radio earlier this week. He wants to debate this loser. Make it happen Mitch

  5. The Left is isolating itself.
    The market is up since the election, consumer confidence is up. Gold is down, dramatically. If you want to see how an election can affect the price of gold, check out what happened to gold for the last 30 days.
    I suspect that the financial markets are betting on improved overall GDP growth.
    But the Left sees nothing but doom and gloom ahead.
    If the Dems make Ellison the DNC chair, their isolation will be complete.

  6. Paul John, not John Paul–let’s not associate him with the Pope of liberty, no? Here’s his site.


    One thing I notice is that his most recent dateline on his site is from 2014. I am guessing that his datelines from “Men’s Health” and the Red Star aren’t making him rich, so I’m guessing he’s got some side hustles as well, unless he’s a trust fund baby.

    I like what Golfdoc notes as well about liberals casting people aside rather readily. It struck me, along those lines, that the prevalence of “therapy dogs” for the aggrieved results in part from the fact that too many of these wilting violets have no meaningful relationships, human or canine, in the world. It’s all about government to them..


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