Two Cents

A brief-ish article about Jason Lewis’s “upset” win in the 2nd CD by the always astute Matt Pagano.

You should read the whole thing, but here’s the good-news takeaway:

One more (extremely local) angle is that Lewis’ win will likely help revitalize the CD2 Republican Party. In the past few years, the local Party had come to be defined by infighting between opponents, and loyalists, to incumbent Rep. John Kline. Lewis’ election offers the opportunity to move past the Republican-on-Republican violence within the local Republican parties that has raged the past few cycles. If you’re a conservative activist who isn’t happy with Jason Lewis as your Congressman, you ain’t never gonna be happy.

1 thought on “Two Cents

  1. If you’re a conservative activist who isn’t happy with Jason Lewis’ victory, I SERIOUSLY question the appropriateness of calling yourself a “conservative activist”. Unless you have a personal beef with him.

    However, Jack Tomczak has a personal beef with Michele Bachmann. He claims she blatantly lied to his face while he was employed with her campaign. He doesn’t like her as a person, but he still mostly agrees with her politics and would vote for her if she was running and he lived in her district.

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