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  1. He might be onto something. Americans used to claim to believe Out Of Many, One. That changed around 1965 and until this election, they believed Hyphens Matter. I think the world may have changed again and nobody noticed it until it hit them between the eyes.

    If society allocates benefits based on hyphens, then African-Americans and Asian-Americans will get preferential treatment in college admissions and employment. White people have no hyphen so they get no preference. That was okay for a while because Baby Boomers were ashamed of how their parents treated Blacks at lunch counters. They were willing to sacrifice the futures of lower and middle class White children so that hyphenated children could succeed (the children of upper class Whites are exempt, of course, because they donate to the right people, make the right connections, go to the right schools).

    The middle and lower classes – Hillary’s Deplorables – aren’t willing to put up with it any longer. So what happens when White people suddenly decide to start acting AS IF they have hyphens?

    African-Americans vote as a block for their best interests and that’s considered a sensible, reasonable thing to do. What if White-Americans started to do the same? Not all of them, of course, there still are plenty of mindless DFL-bots chanting “White privilege.” But enough that Trump won?

    What if White people began to tell hyphenated people “I don’t care what happened to your distant ancestors. I don’t feel guilty about it so I’m not sacrificing my kids’ future to make up for it.” White backlash? Maybe so. Or maybe finally starting to play by the new rules. What’s wrong with that?

    Obama was an affirmative action candidate. What if anti-affirmative action is the reason Trump won? Stay in school, get a job, work hard, wait to have kids until you’re married, be faithful to your spouse, set money aside for a rainy day – worked for millennia until we threw it out in favor of hyphens. Could Trump’s election be a sign that people are actually considering how to start this nation back on the old path?

  2. Obviously Podhoretz is a member of the Alt-Right, which makes him eligible for a lynching from the nearest MSM branch.

  3. Joe, as usual has it right. The reprobate left has suddenly realized that white Americans have had enough, and that means the party is over….they can’t have that.

    They probably know that doubling down on Caucasian bashing won’t help, but they can’t see any other way around it. Shaming has worked in favor of their agenda for so long they simply never bothered to come up with a Plan B for when people have had enough of them. Alynski never planned that far ahead.

    WE need to take a page from their own Alynski playbook. Take their insults and own them. Want to call me a racist? Fine, I’m a proud and out racist. Bigot? Sure that too, whatcha gonna do about it, lefty?

    When Caucasians get over their penchant for self loathing, fueled, as Joe points out, through rubbing our noses in admittedly nasty behavior by our ancestors (yours, not mine BTW…my Grandparents were busy dodging English dogs and fire hoses in Ireland) and take back their proud heritage, the heritage that built America into the greatest nation the world has ever seen, the left is in for a drubbing that will last many decades.

  4. Playing with Podhoretz’s and Joe’s thesis, given that Democrats have been crowing about the fact that whites are headed for minority status, what’s wrong with them starting to then act like minorities have been told to act by the Democrats?

    In reality, I reject the whole thesis philosophically. We’re either all Americans, or we degenerate into tribalism and a very dirty sort of politics. Of course, when one side encourages that sort of degeneration and the other doesn’t, the side that doesn’t do that is at a disadvantage.

    I’d like to believe that Trump’s main appeal was to the rejection of the trade deals that have hammered our manufacturing and the social base of much of middle and rural America. There is some proof of that, too. Both his and Sanders’ unexpected popularity really only had one facet in common: both rejected our unfair, unwise trade policies that have really hurt the bottom 2/3s of American incomes. Our present system of globalization is good for the “elites” and it’s good for poorer nations, but a significant fraction of our population is paying what amounts to a huge penalty.

  5. nerd, I think white racists liked Trump because of the Wall. It’s nothing more complicated than that.

    For crews like the Klan, it might be because the Southern wall will keep out Mexicans and South Americans for the most part (in addition to being brown, most Mexicans are, like me, Catholic too, which is a twofer for the Klan), but most Real Americans do not judge illegal immigrants by the color of their skin, but by their criminal infiltration of our country.

    But as I said before, I’d have voted for Dr. Mengele if it meant keeping the SCOTUS from heading into the leftist fever swamp for the next 30 years…accepting votes from the Klan is a piece of cake.

  6. The Klan’s candidate in the US presidential election hasn’t won since 1912.
    In 1912 their were four candidates for president who garnered more than 5% of the popular vote:
    Wilson (Democrat (KKK)) 41.8%
    Roosevelt (Progressive (Bull Moose)) 27.4%
    William Howard Taft (Republican (incumbent)) 23.2%
    Eugene Debbs (Socialist (labor)) 6.0%

    Wilson imprisoned Debbs in 1918 for urging workers to resist the military draft.

  7. I, too, don’t mind the Wall at all. Not on the basis of race, but on the subject of criminality. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus as far as respect for the law is concerned in my book, especially on a subject that important (not that I would disagree that our immigration criteria need a serious overhaul). But I don’t like how unlimited, low-skill immigration has had on the wages and job prospects of many Americans, not to mention the same lack of enforcement of labor laws for H1Bs is beginning to have on even higher wage earners like the Disney IT workers. What the H1B abuses have done to software grunts is chilling.

  8. Nerdbert-
    For the last few years I have identified myself as Native American on all government and employer paperwork.
    I encourage every person who was actually born in the United States to do likewise. The government and employers have their hands tied when it comes to identifying people by ethnicity. It’s all self reported. To identify as a native american, you don’t have to speak another language, have any particular racial composition, or appearance, or any cultural attributes or religion.
    It is wise, BTW, to have a distant ancestor’s name at the ready in case anyone asks how you can be possibly be native american. “through my great-great-great grandfather, Isaac Rowan. Live by the one drop rule, die by the one drop rule, white man.”
    Or you can invoke the Pocahontas Rule: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=871096
    The fed’s system of recognizing Native American as an ethnicity is hopelessly broken at this point. Get it while its hot!

  9. Jethrene: On all of the branches, at least 2 generations previously, and on one branch at least 300 years worth have been native born Americans. So naturally I am a Native American. How native do you have to be? Even the indigenous are not actually indigenous, if you go far enough back.

  10. In the grand tradition of indigenous people supporting one another in their struggle against the white man and his oppressive, Earth-destroying capitalist system, I oppose the Dakota access pipeline.
    My opposition will not cease until I am offered a high paying job building it, or I am convinced that building the DAP means a cheaper, more reliable supply of gasoline for me, personally.

  11. more reliable supply of gasoline for me, personally.

    When you get that job building a pipeline, you can add a personal tap. You are welcome.

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