What A Difference Eight Years Makes

2008:  Discussion of secession from the union (by Texas, were the sentiment is pretty strong) or from oppressive an alienating state governments (inland and northern California) are “treason” and a call for a return to slavery.

2016:  Calls for secession are all the liberal rage.

I say keep it up.  You may never get seceded (although good riddance, California), but you’ll give me the impetus I need to revive one of my old online larks into a full fledged book.

4 thoughts on “What A Difference Eight Years Makes

  1. I’ve opined that it may be time to split the sheets in America. However, it has recently occurred to me that not only are we too divided to share political and socio-economic beds, we may be too divided to live in close proximity with one another.

    I think it wouldn’t take more than a decade before the United States of America and the Socialist Republic of Stolen Indigenous People’s Lands declared war on one another.

    Hell, I’d be surprised if we still spoke the same language after 5 years.

  2. Part of the problem is that we don’t speak the same language no. I’ve seen conservatives and liberals “debate” face to face. Both use English words but with different meanings.

  3. If we can’t get back to a limited-powers Federal government by normal means, I fully support getting there by succession. As such, I encourage both TX and CA to continue working towards that goal.

    One of the biggest ills of the 20th century was the constant increase in central government power and the loss of local control. Now you’ve got Scotland and Catalonia feeling that things have gone too far and threatening succession, just to name two places and ignoring what happened to the USSR once succession became practical.

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