If You Live In Minnesota’s First Congressional District

Rep. Tim Walz like to portray himself as a pro-Second-Amendment legislator.


But here the Representative is, huddled up with some of Michael Bloomberg’s paid shills, promising to support larding up law-abiding gun owners with additional regulations, and to carry the Bloomberg agenda (which, make no mistake, leads inevitably to New York-style gun control.

If you live in CD1, or know people there, please pass this around far and wide. Tim Walz is just another toady for the Dreamsicles.   His GOP challenger, Jim Hagedorn, is the real supporter of the

When it comes to supporting the human right of self-defense, he talks the talk every two years.

But actions – especially the dimwitted ones that Bloomberg’s “Moms” demand – speak louder.

7 thoughts on “If You Live In Minnesota’s First Congressional District

  1. Are the people in the pics the overweight, middle aged white people Dog Gone is always complaining about?

  2. Is Walz a white-supremacist? There are no people of color or indeterminate gender in the photo.

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