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  1. I love the bio at the end of the article, indicating that he’s the “baseball columnist and also writes about crime”. I think he needs to stick to crime, so to speak.

  2. It was a mistake for the Dems to nominate Hillary. Trump, God help us, was actually the democratic choice of Republican primary voters. Hillary’s nomination was rigged by Democrat party leaders. They should have known better.

  3. To vote for Trump, or even a third party candidate, would be irresponsible of me. The office of President is not legislatively terribly powerful, but the occupant can do great harm to the world. Hillary will do less harm.

  4. A President Hillary would do far more harm than a President Trump. I assert it, and so it is.

    Need more? Hillary is the avatar for all that is corrupt and unwholesome in American politics, and we are already far to comfortable with corruption in our high offices. Trump will probably do no better, but he has yet to prove that to the world.

  5. Trump is my last choice for Republican president. I am on record in the comments here as preferring any GOP candidate over Trump (in fact I early-voted for Darrell Castle, Constitution Party). Trump is Jesse Ventura on a national scale.
    But if the US government cannot constrain a blustering, obnoxious loudmouth president, we all might as well haul down the flag and light out for the territories

  6. I think President Trump should let the illegal Mexicans stay and deport all the reprobate Democrats to Somalia.

  7. Sorry Jethrene, but if you recall, Podesta was a DFL party apparatchik here in MN before he went national. I know people that knew him when he was here and none of them dispute that he had authored these emails. Quite frankly, IMO, this is left wing cover spin.

  8. EI, You are out of your mind!

    With the number of unknown countries that have the info from Hillary’s illegal servers, at the very least, she has compromised both herself and the country! But with new proof of the corruption within the DemonRAT party being exposed daily, how you could ever think that she will do less harm? Pull your head out!

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  10. Bosshoss, Can you cite any of the “unknown countries” that you bought up?
    They wouldn’t be unknown, then, silly.
    Hillary purposely violated State Department security protocols. She says that she did this for ‘convenience’ (bad enough), but she almost certainly did it to shield her influence peddling communications from FOIA requests.
    Nixon was never found guilty of obstructing justice, you know, or of having anything to do with the Watergate burglary.
    You really don’t want to get into a state of mind where your candidate of choice is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but the other guy is guilty because a Venezuelan gun moll has said he’s guilty in an interview on Entertainment Tonight.

  11. Trump partisans and Clinton partisans alike know deep down that their preferred candidate is flawed. This is why debates on which one to support so often devolve into “the other one is worse.”

    Anti-Trump people act like it’s a certainty that he will be a dictator, “tear up” the constitution, threaten American democracy forever, etc. But the reason American democracy has survived isn’t that we nominate and elect such wonderful people; it’s that our system is incredibly well designed. Trump will be constrained by other branches (especially the judiciary), the media, and popular opinion. If he’s so bad, he’ll have at most 4 years to do his bad stuff. The hysterics are understandable but over-the-top.

    Anti-Clinton people are for whatever reason simply incapable of putting her very real flaws in reasonable perspective. Comey had it right in July: using the personal email server was incredibly reckless, but not criminal. The legal issues are exhaustively argued by the conservative Cato Institute: https://www.cato.org/blog/serv

    Incredibly reckless is quite bad in itself, no? But for anti-HRC people, it’s not enough to say she demonstrated poor judgment and a disturbing level of paranoia. It’s not enough to say that the Clinton Inc. money machine, while not technically illegal, is incredibly shady and ought to be shut down. Instead, they insist that she’s some sort of criminal mastermind who belongs in jail, rather than just a politician who may deserve to lose the election.

    When both sides insist that the other is Teh Worst Ever! it’s hard to have a reasoned discussion.

  12. Maybe the obvious is being given too much weight. By ‘obvious’ I mean the personality and style differences between Hillary and Trump. Obamacare might be doing Hillary more damage than the FBI investigations and email shenanigans.
    In Hawaii Obamacare isn’t much of an issue. The state has its own employer mandate going back to the 1970s. The big problem here is a shortage of primary care physicians.
    But when I was back on the mainland over Labor Day, I got an earful about high premiums and high deductibles from people whose politics I had never known before. These were working people who had not seen much of a pay raise since 2008 and had seen their disposable income shrink by several thousand dollars each year because their health insurance costs had exploded.

  13. EI;

    The Clinton camp is claiming that it’s the Russians. Based on my knowledge of IT security, if it is indeed the Russians, you can bet that China, Iran and any number of nefarious individuals, such as those that exist on the Dark Web, have the data, too. Open and/or poorly or unsecured systems, are discovered fairly quickly not only by human hackers, but automated bots.

  14. BG: neither candidate is showing how the Affordable Health Care Act can be “fixed” or scrapped and replaced with something else.

  15. Matters not. If Wikileaks has it, others do, too.

    But, stay with your theory if you wish.

  16. Emery lactated neither candidate is showing how the Affordable Health Care Act can be “fixed” or scrapped and replaced with something else.

    For someone that has proven so adept at scouring the internet for the thoughts of smarter people than he, Emery somehow manages to FAIL to find something Trump has been advertising since Day 1 of his campaign.

    Emery just isn’t very smart.


    Repeal and replace Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

    Work with Congress to create a patient-centered health care system that promotes choice, quality, and affordability.

    Work with states to establish high-risk pools to ensure access to coverage for individuals who have not maintained continuous coverage.

    Allow people to purchase insurance across state lines, in all 50 states, creating a dynamic market.

    Maximize flexibility for states via block grants so that local leaders can design innovative Medicaid programs that will better serve their low-income citizens.

    One can debate the worth of these plans, but one can’t say they do not exist unless one’s head is in an oxygen deprived environment, like up one’s own ass.

  17. Some basic economics is making it into the MSM. A few days ago I actually heard a talking head explain that some “research” had shown that one of the ways that people dealt with rising health care costs was that they spent less money at restaurants, and that this might explain why restaurant business was down.
    But the talking head did not go onto the next step, which is to try and nail down the correlation. Are the restaurants which are suffering the same restaurants that serve people who have seen their health care costs increase?
    Money that is spent for one thing cannot be spent for another thing. It is unrealistic to believe that something like ‘universal health care’ will necessarily be good for the economy. If Obamacare works, it will transfer health care money from the young and healthy to the old and sick. This does not promote economic growth.

  18. By the way, let me save you some guesswork and also making an ass of yourself: All I ever do is make demonstrably true statements.

  19. Pffft.. All you ever do is cut and paste the statements of people you run across on the web, Dik. Truth never seemed to be one of your criteria in judging a quote to be plagiarized. Your lack of shame is the mark of someone with limited intelligence; it’s a trait you share with dog and 95% of your leftist ilk.

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