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You just know Team Clinton – the finest collection of political skullduggerers, character assassins and anger merchants money can buy – didn’t burn through all their their oppo-research two weeks ago.  You just know they saved something for today, the last news dump before election day.

Let’s take bets.  What is Team Clinton going to dump today?

8 thoughts on “Place Your Bets

  1. I disagree. If the Clottin team had more ammo, they wouldn’t still be squirting tears over Trump’s taxes.

    Her wad is shot, but I do expect another care package for Trump from either the FBI or Wikileaks.

  2. Hillary will come out as gay and name Huma as her lover. Bill was just her beard. Refusal to vote for her is a hate crime.

  3. Dead girl or live boy. Or both. As an aside, given the desperation I’m sensing, I think the Secret Service better bring its A-game today at any Trump public appearances.

  4. Joe Doakes…do you know who Laslo is? A commentator on Althouse blog. He writes some very funny stuff about Huma and Hillary.

    The Friday before the election surprise? I say not a huge item, but another video of Trump being a pig. If it was a major item, it would have come out by now.

  5. Mr. D, I think, if Trump pulls off a win, the Secret Service better be bringing their A-game for the next 4 years, at least. I confidently predict there will be multiple attempts on his life if he wins. With as unhinged as we’ve seen the left become when their people are in power, imagine what they will be like if their queen doesn’t get her coronation.

  6. Mr. D. for the win, as the Secret Service did feel the need to remove him from a venue when someone started ranting about guns. Thankfully most Democrats are not as gun loving as Republicans.

    But otherwise, not much from Hilliary. I think they spent their ammo already.

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