‘Til The Lights Go Out

I’ve believed it for a long time. I’ve believed it a necessary step for this country’s survival for years.

This campaign has elevated it to nearly a life’s mission.

The American mainstream media needs to be rendered extinct.

Not every reporter – although a strong minority of them at the very least are the problem.

Not the notion of “reporting” – but when it comes to politics, there is very little of that going on anymore.

But there can be no rational argument with the proposition that the American mainstream media “elite” has been serving as Hillary’s personal PR agency, willing and eager to massage and shape the news to fit the Clinton agenda for Hillary every bit as much as Bill.

Far from “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable”, as the old (and utterly apocryphal) press bromide promises, the mainstream media in DC (no moreso than in Minneapolis and Saint Paul) comforts the corrupt and afflicts their victims.

And so it is time for the mainstream media to go.  As far as ad revenues have fallen, they need to fall farther.  As far as rating have plunged, there is still a bottom down there.  They need to die.

Not every reporter – indeed, the death of the mainstream media may give actual honest reporters a chance to redeem their craft, currently trusted less than used car salesmen and Serbian war criminals.

Not the notion of reporting – although the death of our “elite” media, from the Times and CNN down to the Strib will certainly open up the market for reporting as oppposed to Democrat Party PR.

So where can we hit the media to keep the bleeding going today?

23 thoughts on “‘Til The Lights Go Out

  1. I made the mistake of trying to scan some headlines at CNN during a break yesterday. All of their political stories could have been (and probably were) written by the Clinton campaign. They were more ideologically rigid than even the NYT pages, which at least covered the Clinton emails a bit.

    I guess they call it the Clinton News Network for a reason. But I do have to say I’m glad I visited there with an ad-blocker and cost them a few cents.

  2. The checks the Minneapolis Star and Sickle still aren’t getting still aren’t signed by me.

  3. I am torn between whether I simply refuse to buy the paper or watch the news, or whether I ought to write more letters to the editor. If everyone noted the nonsense that was out there, maybe we’d get somewhere. Liberals don’t like a harsh spotlight any more than do conservatives, really.

  4. In July, the Strib was standing with Obamacare until your last buck is spent.

    What’s happening to Obamacare?
    That once-predicted “death spiral” is on the horizon, partly because of unpragmatic motives in Congress. Fixes are urgent.

    And now, even Governor Prozac is throwing in the towel.

    “Mark Dayton: Affordable Care Act ‘is no longer affordable’”


    A massive and sustained editorial submission is in order.

  5. You are of course wrong. If anything needs to go extinct, it would be the deplorable fact-averse fact-free right wing propaganda machine that masquerades as news and information.

    Beyond that, facts are not your friend, and what you’re really angry at is a reality that has left you behind.

    I suppose it sucks to be marginalized, but unlike the way conservatives have forced marginalization on so many others, y’all did this to yourselves.

  6. DG,

    Beyond that, facts are not your friend,

    You keep saying that, over and over and over.

    And yet, time after time, we see that it is you that hasn’t the foggiest clue what she’s talking about.

    I suppose it sucks to be marginalized, but unlike the way conservatives have forced marginalization on so many others, y’all did this to yourselves.

    Your little comment section outbursts get more bizarre by the month.

    I’m wondering if shutting off your account might actually be therapeutic for you.

  7. Is there some way we can make the Strib financially responsible for cleaning up the mess they leave lying around on doorsteps, all over the city?

    Over the last few years, there have been several multi-week periods where the Strib insisted on throwing it’s “free” piece of trash on every yard in my neighborhood. Most of which just piled up in the gutters.

    I’d seriously considered hiring someone to clean them all up, then suing them in small claims court for the bill.

  8. Mad Dog, maybe….provide some evidence that the data your host provided is false or irrepresentative? The ugly reality is that you can hardly expect to have a profession that is 90% liberal without having some bias come through–and it’s worth noting as well that this profession doesn’t actually, as a whole, know much about anything but AP style. They’re almost as bad as actors in that way.

    But not nearly as bad as you, it seems.

  9. Bubba,

    It naturally follows that DG, who has never worked in the media, knows more about the attitudes of people in the media that I, who have.

    Becuase factchecking. And science.

  10. Personally, I’m still waiting for DG to present her “evidence” that Sen. Hann is ethically challenged. I don’t let it keep me up at nights though.

  11. Factchecking?! Read her little outburst! There were absolutely no facts cited, just pounding the table and name calling. I would love it if she could have found some facts to prove her gov wrong, but when even a drunk can’t deny the situation you need stronger drugs and apparently DG is swallowing them by the gallon.

    And I just can’t wait for her call to go out for single payer. Why in God’s name would we trust you to get that right when you couldn’t even get the littler project of ObamaCrud or its website right?!

  12. Marginalized DG?! Maybe in DC but we fully own 30 state houses and Senate’s and have at least partially control of 38. We also own 32 governorships as well. Sure Clinton may win/steal/squeak by in this election but who do you guys have on the bench, Warren? Sanders? Biden? I mean really. You better hope Clinton wins and you guys take the Senate because if you don’t, you might not have meaningful power again until the 2030’s.

  13. Trump’s not a victim of “liberal media”, he just can’t get away from his own reflection.

  14. “Emery Incognito on October 12, 2016 at 7:56 pm said:
    Trump’s not a victim of “liberal media”, he just can’t get away from his own reflection.”
    If the media reported on Hillary the way that they report on Trump, you would run back to Canada, Emery.

  15. Some of the Wikileaks stuff is about Podesta’s/Hillary’s UFO beliefs:
    Also, I am reading reports that Podesta didn’t bother to change his passwords after the wikileaks dump that included his passwords. Some of Podesta’s current accounts have now been compromised.
    If you think Hillary will deliver basic competence and sanity, guess again.

  16. Public service announcement: If you address me directly and I do not respond, assume I am laughing at you.

  17. SitD Comment Section’s Resident Shallow Intellect wrote: “Public service announcement: If you address me directly and I do not respond, assume I am laughing at you.”
    And here I assumed you weren’t responding because Google was down.
    BTW, Mitch – you might want to install one of those Captcha Prove-Your-Not-A-Robot because Emery/Nemo either doesn’t have a whole lot of original thoughts and plays what he has in heavy rotation or it’s a not intelligent enough to self-actualize bot.

  18. PS: Emery/Nemo – If I cared enough to learn ’emoji’ I’d put up one where the character is laughing at you so hard, tears are coming out of its eyes.
    I’ll go ‘ASCII’ with an emoticon instead. 😀

  19. Do you have a problem with me posting on CR? Although I appreciate MBerg’s stipend he doesn’t demand exclusivity.

  20. You should probably spend more time laughing at yourself, Emery Incognito.

    You take your self and your opinions a lot more seriously than anyone else here.

  21. 1.Organize a group with a name. 2. Approach small advertisers st the Strib. 3. Give them time to finish their current add contracts. 4. If they refuse to quit advertising with the strib. 5. Organize boycott of that advertiser. What do you think?

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