Berg’s Seventh Law: Universal And Immutable

Remember when Democrats couldn’t stop talking about the Koch brothers (who aren’t even among the top fifty political donors in the country) and the American Legislative Exchange Committee, a “think tank” utterly similar to an array of such groups on both sides of the aisle?

And you – a smart person – asked “why all the fuss?”

Simple – provided you remember Berg’s Seventh Law.

Because it really does explain everything, every time.

8 thoughts on “Berg’s Seventh Law: Universal And Immutable

  1. Further proof that libidiot DemonRATs are either narcissistic and mentally challenged or they end up that way once they align themselves with the party.

    Seriously though, every libidiot that I know, sees a shrink at least every other week.

  2. And the difference is, the causes the Koch brothers support….they want the government to leave me the hell alone. The causes Soros support of fascist.

  3. Deplorable Swiftee, I think it’s definitely a crime when it’s for candidates, but not when it’s for issues. However, what is for sure is that Soros’ reputation for independence should be gone, as well as any reputation Hilliary might have had for honest dealing.

    But that said, 40% of the electorate doesn’t care, and that’s a great place to start in an election.

  4. So a good 40% are entirely comfortable with corruption, as long as it’s “their guys”.

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