We’re #25!

24/7 Wall Street calls Minneapolis the 25th most dangerous city in the US, based on FBI stats:

Minneapolis landed on the 25th spot on the list, with a violent crime rate of 1,063 incidents per 100,000 residents. The website noted that robbery is especially common in Minneapolis, with 459 reported incidents per 100,000 residents – the 10th highest robbery rate in the nation.

The story – from WCCO – notes that despite the city’s nominally low unemployment, that…:

…the city has struggled with stark racial disparities, with people of color, particularly blacks, making less money, having lower home ownership rates and higher unemployment rates.

Right – fully a third of Minnesota’s murders, for the whole state, in the past year occurred on the North Side, which has a neighborhood murder rate of 100/100,000.  Which is, quite frankly, catastrophic.

But chalking up the murder rate to income, home ownership rates and unemployment is an evasion of responsibility; as PJ O’Rourke once said, “if you took away his bank account, it’s not like you’d find Thurgood Marshall selling crack at Union Station the next day”.

Is the crime rate in Minneapolis (the article painstakingly avoids mentioning the North Side) a result of poverty, or is the poverty a result of the crime and cultural breakdown?


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  1. More or less, North is our answer to Gary, Indiana. And I’m not talking about the music seminary. The murder rates are distressingly similar.

  2. I think the poverty is a result of the cultural breakdown, and the crime is a result of the poverty.

    blacks, making less money, having lower home ownership rates and higher unemployment rates.

    In order to make money, you have to be employable. In order to make more money, you have to contribute value to the organization. Work ethic is instilled by responsible parents. Cultural breakdown has removed responsible parenting from the equation. Not helped by the mentality of “Don’t worry, Obama will give you what you need”.

    Those symptoms ARE correlation and causation. Directly linkable.

    Bad (or no) parenting, child grows up with no bearing, possibly gets pulled into crime, becomes unemployable when not in jail, therefore can’t afford a mortgage, looks to crime and/or the teat of government to supply a roof, food, transportation, a (not so) meager allowance, and a cell phone.

    But Republicans are racist because…..we don’t want to give you more money to be a larger/longer drain on society. We want you to get your shit together and contribute to society.

    And the left is smiling because their plan is working fantastically well.

  3. Raised as wards of the state by grandparents, or neglected by mothers still living their wild teen years, never met their fathers, surrounded by people telling them they are victims, delivered into the arms of self-serving, leftist union thugs teachers for 5 hours a day, dropped out after 1 year of high school….

    What could go wrong?

  4. The only problem is that this ranking is bullshit. Click bait.
    Among other things, Chicago is not anywhere in this ranking, and professional criminologists and other experts say this whole piece is crap.
    Or as I like to refer to it, Republican math that has no factual correlation to numeric values but is instead ridiculous rubbish used to stroke your fact averse bias.

    Chicago, which had the most homicides of all U.S. cities in 2015, didn’t crack the top 25 most dangerous cities on the list. When all the categories of violent crime were taken into account, Chicago’s violent crime rate was 903, according to John McIntyre, editor in chief at 24/7 Wall St. The violent crime categories included murder and non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

    Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, doesn’t buy that Minneapolis is the 25th most dangerous city in the country “when you don’t see Chicago on that list.”

    “I have a lot of friends on the PD there and the violent crime there is 10 times what ours is,” Kroll said. Minneapolis averages about one shooting a day compared to 10 shootings a day in Chicago, he said.

    “It’s tough to paint Minneapolis with a broad brush,” Kroll said. “There are parts of Minneapolis that are very dangerous at certain times of the day. But there are other places you wouldn’t see a squad car or crime occurring.”

    And the real deal, Chris Uggens, U of MN is the gold standard for factual info:
    “It’s not the sort of thing that as a criminologist that we take terribly seriously because it’s not a good way to learn about crime trends or what particular places are dangerous,” said Christopher Uggen, sociology and law professor at the University of Minnesota. “These rankings are great click bait in many ways because we all want to know how we’re doing.”


    Tsk tsk — THIS Mitch is why sometimes you write total crap; you fail to multi-source, you fail to vet what you promote. Shame shame shame on you.

    And also what a terrible shame the formerly reputable WSJ has shown once again what happens when a conservative like Rupert Murdoch takes control. Good journalism goes to hell.

  5. DG,

    You have spoken with or read no criminologists. You’re making things up.

    And the city of Chicago has had a relatively “low” homicide rate (15-16/100,000) for the city as a whole, like Minneapolis it has a number of neighborhoods where the crime rates are completely catastrophic.

    As far as Chris Uggens go? WHO CARES? We’re not talking about trends. We’re talking about a per-capita snapshot.

    And whenever you talk “multi-sourcing”, DG, you invariably mean “two terrible sources that happen to agree with you”.

    As to the rest of your comment? My eyes glaze over.

  6. Doggy crap;

    No worse than uber libidiot Jeffy Bezos taking over the WaPo and turning into another DemonRAT hate mongering, propaganda pusher. Not that an imbecile like you could tell the difference.

    Once again, your comments about the WSJ, show just how selective comprehension skills are. As a daily reader of that publication for over 20 years, they have been very consistent in their content. Your delusional take is just so much dog shit.

  7. Yes. That’s the short answer. For the long answer read “The Bell Curve.” And then if you dare, explain it to DG.

  8. dog making a passionate, if dimwitted argument that the Democrat dominated pile of shit over there stinks worse than the Democrat dominated pile of shit over here.


  9. Dog Gone, you need to look up the difference between overall crime numbers and crime rates normalized for population. Chicago still retains a lot of nice ethnic neighborhoods that have low crime rates–you just have to know where they start and end. The sad thing is that their overall crime numbers are driven by neighborhoods that resemble nothing so much as Gary or Detroit. Or North Minneapolis.

    But that said, thanks for pointing out that one of the nastiest cities for gun control also has some of the nastiest crime patterns in the world!

    And, for that matter, thanks for pointing out that Chris Uggens also lacks the ability to discern overall crime numbers from crime rates, and for admitting that you’re more or less taking talking points from those who like Uggens’ work. Don’t hurt your head by trying to think for yourself, now, you’re doing great.

  10. This is for you, DG. Only this can explain your poop and run incoherent ramblings:

    There is too much coke and too much smoke
    Look what’s going on inside you
    Ooooh that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell
    Ooooh that smell
    The smell of death surrounds you

  11. I’ll give her this: She is FAR FAR FAR more skilled and capable in hatefully refuting her opposition than I am. I guess I’m too busy being a productive citizen and good parent to spend as much time honing my agitprop skills as she has.

  12. And also what a terrible shame the formerly reputable WSJ has shown once again what happens when a conservative like Rupert Murdoch takes control. Good journalism goes to hell.

    Kneejerk hating

    BTW DG? 24/7wallst.com is not related to WSJ.


  13. DG snarled:
    “The only problem is that this ranking is bullshit. Click bait.”

    DG’s angry because she just found out the hard way that “Dog In A Bath Tub”
    is not a traditional Tantric Yoga position! Thats what happens when you buy Yoga lessons on Craigslist.

  14. The funniest part is Dog Gone ripping the exact same methodology she uses to pretend Red States are more dangerous then Blue States because of gun ownership. Sauce for the goose . . . .

  15. I moved out of North Minneapolis in 1993 mainly because I felt it wasn’t safe for a pasty white guy.

  16. Stink: evidence suggests it ain’t so safe for those with a bit more melanin, either, donchathink?

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