Did Chelsea Clinton take a private jet to a “clean energy” conference that was a mere five hour drive (or one-hour commercial flight) away?

Oh, what do you think?

The Clinton campaign promised during the Democratic primary that their entire operation would be “carbon neutral” and had some friendly reporters write stories about how even campaign manager John Podesta took the bus.

The campaign doesn’t talk about that pledge much anymore, given the how much the Clintons love flying on private jets, presumably out of class envy.

Here’s the problem; after 15 years of writing a blog, I’m running out of synonyms and other ways to write “some animals are more equal than others”.  One can only quote Solzhenitsyn so many times, if only because one only rarely spells Solzhenitsyn correctly.


4 thoughts on “Pre-Written

  1. To be fair to Mrs. Mezvinsky, direct flights from Greenville to Asheville are like hen’s teeth. So she’s not quite in the league of her mother, taking a private jet when it’s a 20 minute ferry ride or whatever.

  2. Spelling “Solzhenitsyn” is a simple matter of 1) remembering that Russian is phonetic, and/or B. running a Word/WordPerfect macro that spells it correctly for you. You’re welcome. 🙂

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